Zimbabwe: Sex Workers in School Uniforms Spark Outrage

March 7, 2016 - School Uniform

Jah Prayzah’s video, Eriza, featuring intense dancer Lady Storm donning a propagandize uniform appears to have desirous a new conform trend among sex workers who have taken to wearing petty propagandize uniforms to “work”.

The conform has now sparked snub among Zimbabweans who have voiced annoy and offend during a abuse of grave propagandize wear, that they contend exposes children to harlotry and other vices compared with strength peddling.

Social commentators too have cursed a “new conform trend” job for a evident banning and for a detain of anybody seen abusing children’s propagandize wear. They have called on law-enforcement agents to pierce to detain women who have turn a common steer in open celebration places wearing propagandize uniforms.

“It was wrong in a initial place to inspire a use of propagandize uniforms by these renouned musicians since it afterwards appears like multitude condones such behaviour,” pronounced a clergyman during a high propagandize in Chitungwiza.

“It began with a abuse of troops uniforms, now they are holding it too far, permitting this dangerous abuse of girls’ propagandize uniform. What afterwards distinguishes between a student and a prostitute?”

The video, Eriza, from Jah Prayzah’s DVD manuscript Jerusarema facilities a lanky musician, Lady Storm and a expel clad in propagandize uniforms. The Tsviriyo-hitmaker who is eminent for wearing troops regalia on stage, infrequently binds live shows while dressed in propagandize uniform.

Former sociology techer during a University of Zimbabwe Yotamu Chirwa pronounced such abuse of propagandize wear should be banned.

“From a sociological perspective, it should be banned. Dressing in propagandize uniforms insinuates that these prostitutes are pristine like schoolchildren,” pronounced Chirwa.

“It also misleads pupils into desiring that incorrigible poise is good. Even those who make such uniforms should be punished. It stigmatises pupils who wear uniforms identical to those ragged by these prostitutes.”

Rebecca Chisamba, popularly famous as Mai Chisamba, pronounced women who were wearing propagandize uniforms in drink outlets were blemish a picture of a preparation system.

“These women are putting a names of a schools into disrepute. A propagandize uniform is only like a military, troops or church uniform and contingency be treated with esteem,” pronounced Mai Chisamba.

“A propagandize is a place of honour and compared with intelligent and good poise so when people go to a bars clad in propagandize uniforms afterwards something is wrong. We have to honour propagandize uniforms a same approach we do troops and troops uniforms.”

“A mom who goes to Ruwadzano [Holy Thursday] can't kick her child while wearing church uniform since she respects a uniform. That kind of honour should be accorded to propagandize uniforms as well. we consider we should have laws that strengthen propagandize wear, including logos.”

Mai Chisamba, however, pronounced she saw zero wrong in Jah Prayzah’s video, Eriza.

“Jah Prayzah was perplexing to be artistic as an artist, so he brought this uniform thing as someone who wanted to entertain. People who are wearing these uniforms are a ones to censure and contingency be stopped,” Mai Chisamba said.

She blamed drink opening operators for a rot.

“Why do they concede such people into their bars? In a past clubs and bars used to have dress codes, though currently rangove rengenya remvemve [it has left to a dogs],” she said.

However, troops orator Senior Commissioner Charity Charamba pronounced nonetheless a propagandize uniform was a specific pattern for wardrobe designated for school, there was no law ominous a wearing of uniforms in unidentified places.

“There is no law that forbids a wearing of propagandize uniforms in open places, drink outlets included,” she said. “The law can take a march when they are issues to do with faulty exposure.”

She pronounced it was adult to Parliament to qualification laws that dissuade a wearing of propagandize uniforms in open places.

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