Your Views: Prestatyn High School uniform change divides opinion

April 29, 2015 - School Uniform

More than 60% of relatives would not be prepared to flare out for trousers with a propagandize trademark to fit in with Prestatyn High School’s new uniform policy, a Daily Post check has found.

Our story about a trousers, that could cost adult to 3 times some-more from dilettante uniform retailers than from a high street, sparked a extreme recoil from families.

Hundreds of we took to Facebook and Twitter to share your views after a content was sent informing relatives that youngsters would have to wear trousers with a school’s trademark on from September.

Our check showed that 64% of people wouldn’t wish to bombard out for a garments, since 36% pronounced they would.

Prestatyn county councillor Jason McLellan, who has a son during a high school, is a latest to blast a changes.

He said: “I was a small unhappy that a propagandize sent a content informing us of a change, instead of consulting parents.

“As a county councillor, we voted opposite a cuts to Denbighshire council’s propagandize uniform grants as we am endangered this will strike a lowest families in a community, though a cuts were passed.

“With that in mind, as this will fundamentally cost more, since put additional financial vigour on parents?

“My son, like many boys personification football and other sports during lunchtime, can get by a integrate of pairs of trousers in one year. If we have contend 3 lads in a school, this is going to supplement up.

“I’m unapproachable to be a former student of Prestatyn High. we unequivocally enjoyed my time there and consider it’s a good school, though we do consider they’ve got this process wrong.”

Meanwhile, comments continued to flow in on amicable media.

Christian Rich said: “Keep a uniform basic, it’s not a ones on advantages who will have a problem, it’s those on low income YET AGAIN who will be influenced by it. Why change from plain black trousers? They are easy to replace, infrequently a integrate of times during a year due to a child flourishing or wear and tear.

“Are a schools going to finance a bill? This is only a fad, what will it be next, propagandize trademark hosiery or a propagandize authorized haircut. It’s like a comrade regime.”

Lisa Flannery said: “They attempted this some years behind with a polo shirts with a trademark on, we had 4 children during a propagandize afterwards and we never purchased one of these shirts. Nothing ever happened, we don’t see what’s wrong as prolonged as they are wearing a scold colours of trousers etc and a propagandize jumper.”

A student during a propagandize said: “The reason people don’t wear relaxed pants etc is since I, and many others feel unequivocally self unwavering for a lot of opposite reasons. Wearing spare jeans for me privately creates me feel so most some-more assured in myself and a lot happier, and it creates me like my coming more. Being forced to wear something we am not comfy in is unequivocally putting us down emotionally and creation us feel unequivocally self unwavering and physique conscious, that’s a approach multitude is now.”

A orator for a propagandize pronounced a consult was carried out about skeleton to deliver a some-more grave uniform.

The idea was “not lucky among a majority” though was in response to complaints about pupils wearing “inappropriate legwear”.

The propagandize pronounced it has an agreement with 3 internal suppliers to keep prices “competitive”.

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