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September 17, 2016 - School Uniform

Wray Nephew White Overproof Rum Yesterday Best of a 90s will theatre a School Uniform Edition subsequent Saturday, Sep 24, during a Mas Camp.

Promoted by GLK Entertainment, a 14-year-old array continues to lift out vast numbers of congregation with any staging.

Commissioned to spin a retro hits are Kool FM’s DJ Marvin, Fame FM’s DJ Nicco, and Zip FM’s ZJ Johnny Kool.

“One of a sparkling things about this entertainment is, for a initial time, we are carrying a celebration in September. What we did this time around is to get 3 DJs that we have never put together on one line-up. All 3 have a good following and when they come together we design good things musically,” pronounced GLK Entertainment’s Gyete Ghartey.

“Our congregation have come to design good song from this eventuality over a years, a best of a ‘90s. Nineties song is deliberate to be one of a best in music,” Ghartey added.

The initial Yesterday Best of a 90s array was hold during a Indies Pub in New Kingston in Mar 2002.

Ghartey spoke about a expansion of a series.

“It has grown tremendously: from a tiny celebration hold during Indies to a large celebration now being hold during Mas Camp. When we started primarily we had mostly college students, though now we have a good melting pot of opposite people from opposite backgrounds only entrance out to suffer themselves and have a good time”.

— Kevin Jackson

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