Women of Nauru: saying my sons in a propagandize uniform is my usually dream

February 17, 2017 - School Uniform

It’s not a object in Nauru, it is a fireball that browns us and we wish to rip adult a sun. We live in a stale tent that even a strongest animals couldn’t endure a heat. They don’t give us a fridge to have cold H2O in this ruin and it’s too prohibited to travel a prolonged stretch to get a potion of H2O from a unwashed cooler. Where else in a universe would jailers demur to yield basis such as cold H2O to a prisoners, generally a children?

ABF member sensitive us that Australia had negotiated a understanding with a US and everyone, including refugees and haven seekers, who are peaceful to settle in a US can register. We are exhausted.

Immigration has invariably lied to us so it’s unequivocally tough to trust them. However we feel like we’re falling and need to squeeze onto whatever we can, so we all purebred in a wish of rescuing ourselves.

They took a design of us and we had a initial interview, that lonesome questions about a personal information, such as name, and box history.

Later they told us that usually those who have interloper standing can apply. Those with interloper standing perceived a formula to follow a swell of their case. They done an appointment to have their talk with a deputy of Department of Homeland Security from a US. Most of a interviews were scheduled to occur in February, however, when people were checking online, it was beheld that all a appointments had been removed.

Now we are all in a murky dry tents again. Our children’s wish has been detonate like a burble and they are devastated.

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