[With Vid] Students In School Uniform Caught In Romantic Proposal, Embracing …

November 2, 2015 - School Uniform

[With Vid] Students In School Uniform Caught In Romantic Proposal, Embracing And Kissing On School Field


Published on Monday, 02 Nov 2015 15:51

Written by Arief Irsyad

KUALA LUMPUR: Like a stage out of a fairytale when a king sweeps his princess off her feet with a regretful proposition, a viral video footage shows a Malaysian propagandize child desirable his partner with his offer that sends her drifting into his open arms.

The video that went viral on Facebook currently shows a child and a lady surrounded by other students as they cheered a regretful couple’s union, all still attired in propagandize uniforms.

Romantic? Yes. Appropriate? No. Well a since from a video, we can see a whole part holding place on propagandize grounds. The accurate plcae of a propagandize is unknown.

The video was uploaded on a Indian village Facebook, 1Tamilanz Sangam this morning, display both of them removing ‘romantic’ clad in propagandize uniforms, hugging affectionately while other students cheered.

According to descriptions and comments posted with a 16-second video, a child had due to his partner on propagandize grounds, causing her to run in good promptness towards him and subsequently threw her arms around him in an embrace.

From a video, a child was filmed holding a box believed to be a benefaction concomitant his proposal.

As if a hugging and complicated petting wasn’t adequate ‘inappropriate conduct’ in school, a regretful integrate afterwards surfaced it off with an affectionate kiss, all a while being cheered by associate students.

A tyro is listened asserting off camera after a integrate kissed, seeking them to repeat a act.

“Wait, wait, one more, one more,” a witness called out.

However, many who noticed a viral video online reacted with condemnation over a dual student’s conduct, with many condemning a wantonness regretful interactions among a propagandize students but any figure of management benefaction to put a stop to it.

Until now a video has been noticed some-more than 10,000 times.




–Malaysian Digest

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