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January 6, 2017 - School Uniform


Last month, S.C. Rep. Cezar McKnight introduced H. 3050, some-more ordinarily famous as a “Uniform Bill.”  McKnight’s legislation would need all students in a South Carolina open propagandize complement to wear uniforms.

This is an positively absurd offer that would not be possibly to exercise nor profitable to a propagandize system.

The check says that a imperative propagandize uniform would “contribute to an orderly, trained propagandize sourroundings and costume income disparities among students.”  This is positively an excellent goal.  Public schools should be a welcoming sourroundings to all students, and should be an atmosphere where all students can learn and thrive.  Unfortunately, Rep. McKnight’s devise would be mortal to both ends.

Rather than foster an nurse and trained tyro environment, imperative uniforms would means large tyro insubordination and take divided profitable instruction time.  If one or dual students wear something inappropriate, administration will hoop it.  The tyro in doubt will change, be disciplined, and lapse to category but disrupting a propagandize day.  Rep. McKnight’s process would trigger large recoil from students, and would cost large hours of classroom instruction.  Public schools already have dress codes that anathema provocative, revealing, gang-affiliated, and horrible clothing, that addresses Rep. McKnight’s concerns in introducing a bill.

Second, a check would not facade income disparities, it would showcase them.  The check says that it would yield appropriation for during slightest 5 uniforms for a tyro who can't means one, depending on a accessibility of funding.

What happens when this appropriation is not accessible anymore?  And because would this be a best use of income on a propagandize system?  Wouldn’t it be improved to repair a crippling inequality of schools along a I-95 corridor?  Or deposit in vocational training for a students?  Rather than attempting to costume poverty, shouldn’t we try to solve it and assistance these students and their families arise out of poverty?

Even if this process were profitable to a propagandize system, this is not a approach to go about implementing it.  It should start with a subsequent category of kindergarteners and initial graders, and follow them as they arise by a comparison year, only as we exercise many other changes in a educational system.

Therefore, I’d titillate we to hit your legislator, and ask them to opinion “no” on Mr. McKnight’s bill. If we don’t know who your legislators are, we can find out here.


Will Galloway is a authority of a South Carolina Teenage Republicans.

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