Why is propagandize uniform so expensive?

September 13, 2016 - School Uniform

14:56 13 Sep 2016


After gripping children entertained – mostly during substantial responsibility – and facing provoke energy as best they can for 6 weeks over a summer a final thing relatives need is to be strike with another bill, writes frugal vital columnist Sheena Grant.

Yet for many mums and dads that is accurately what a start of another educational year represents, generally when a child is starting a new school.

I pronounce from experience. After shelling out a three-figure sum for high propagandize uniform I’m left wondering customarily because it is so expensive, generally when we can be roughly certain that notwithstanding diligently sewing name tags into each garment, something is expected to go blank – substantially never to lapse – within a initial few days.

Whichever propagandize we select for your brood it seems they all have an downright list of must-have uniform, most of that can customarily be bought from one supplier, creation it unfit to emporium around. Sometimes a propagandize has a used uniform emporium though direct customarily distant outstrips supply.

So that means shelling out for new jumpers during £20-plus, blazers costing during slightest £30, several games shirts costing anything from £10 to £20, maybe a tracksuit tip during £20-plus as good as ties and socks. You might also need general shirts and trousers or skirts, that can be bought some-more low from a operation of high travel stores though a cost still adds up. And that’s before you’ve even taken shoes into account. Some schools even mention a colour of winter cloak it is excusable for children to wear.

It’s all a distant cry from when we was a school. Uniform customarily had to be a certain colour and a customarily branded object relatives had to buy was a propagandize tie.

I know all a arguments about a value of uniform though even if we buy into that – and we do – it still doesn’t explain because schools can’t plump for some-more cheaper general items. we can’t assistance meditative that uniform, like most else, has depressed chase to a flay of complicated selling and limit profit.

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