Why we suggested Brighton College over the ‘trans uniforms’. All schools should follow suit

January 22, 2016 - School Uniform

I had been requisitioned to pronounce to the
children during a propagandize by a headteacher, as he wanted them to hear
my story, how being incompetent to unequivocally be myself for so prolonged influenced my
life. He knew they would get it. And they did.

So when we listened about the preference by Brighton College to correct and
modernise their uniform rules, we was heartened. It felt like a small
but distinct  shift. we was meddlesome to see how a papers would
interpret a news.

I was heartened still serve when we saw a coverage – hardly a
negative criticism in sight. we wish a child we once was – so full of
despair for so prolonged – could have famous this would be the future.

That’s because we told a children of Brighton College my possess story.
How, from a age of seven, we knew that we was womanlike – though that, in
the 1970s with no internet, so amicable media, and no trans purpose models
or certain news coverage, we realised that vital as a girl wouldn’t be possible. 

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