Why do we retaliate students for not wearing propagandize uniforms?

April 4, 2016 - School Uniform

Since 2010 George Washington High School has turn a many vandalized propagandize on Guam. Please note, this is after George Washington High propagandize implemented a imperative uniform process and began punishing students for not wearing uniforms.

I do not remember a singular box of desolation occurring during a time my possess children attended GW (from 1994 by 2001).

When a process of punishing students for not wearing uniforms in open schools was foisted on a Guam open it was claimed this process would urge propagandize honour and propagandize safety.

In fact a accurate conflicting has occurred, and propagandize honour and reserve have severely deteriorated. we myself charge this to a imperative propagandize uniform process since we have witnessed a same cause-and-effect in other places.

But suspect we am wrong. Suppose a diminution in propagandize honour and reserve is attributable to other reasons. The fact stays that propagandize uniforms do not urge propagandize reserve or tyro honour in their schools. They do not urge anything. There is no judicious reason for punishing students since they do not wear propagandize uniforms.

When students are punished for not wearing propagandize uniforms a doctrine is this: we contingency be punished if we are not a same as everybody else. This doctrine fosters bullying. It creates a antagonistic and punitive atmosphere that is antithetical to creativity and originality.

Another doctrine of imperative propagandize uniforms is this: “You contingency wear a uniform since we pronounced so, and we have a energy to retaliate you”. Again a doctrine is one of bullying. Might creates right and there is no need for proof or toleration.

Mandatory propagandize uniforms are evil of backward, third-world nations that miss fast democracies or ceiling mobility. They are antithetical to a giveaway approved society.

I quiescent in criticism from Guam open schools in Mar or Apr 2001 when a Untalan Middle School Principal Kenneth Chargalauf dangling a tip respect tyro during Untalan for some-more than a month since she wasn’t in a propagandize uniform.

Our open schools in Guam have been incited into (what we see as) commuter prisons where students flattering most can do whatever they like solely get an preparation or dress themselves.

Please consider about a imperative propagandize uniform and who increase (especially monetarily). It is not a students.

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