Why do a British get propagandize uniforms so wrong?

August 29, 2014 - School Uniform

Britain’s propagandize uniforms are on a march, and they’re streamer in a wrong
instruction since we seem to have lost what a indicate of a uniform is.

A propagandize uniform should perform a few simple functions: it should be
affordable, comfortable, and practical. It should assistance save relatives and
children time in a morning. It should also – and this is where we get into
tricky, biased domain – make children look, during a unequivocally least, not
bad. And it strikes me that many schools are unwell to make a class in
assembly these simple criteria.


The cost of uniforms has been a prohibited subject on parents’ forums in new days.
Having usually invested £150 in polyester and pleather myself, we can

Gillian Guy, arch executive of Citizens Advice, says: “Mums and Dads are
revelation us that propagandize costs are some-more costly this year than last. Buying
from specific shops leaves relatives with a miss of cheaper alternatives when
it comes to wardrobe for tenure time. Low income and squeezed family budgets
have meant some are reliant on borrowing from friends and family.” Indeed
a latest
total from Citizens Advice
suggested that a entertain of relatives had
to steal income to cover a cost of a new uniform.

In an bid to revoke a financial weight on families, a Schoolwear
Association, whose members make or discharge three-quarters of
Britain’s propagandize uniforms, has started a petition
– 1,200 signatures and counting – job for a income scapegoat scheme
identical to childcare vouchers, that would concede relatives to buy uniforms
with untaxed money. This seems like an engaging idea. And there is already
assistance available
from internal preparation authorities if families cannot
means to buy their child’s uniform.

Still, reading all of these cost-cutting measures creates me consternation because we’re
shopping them during all. we adore a thought of a uniform – fosters village spirit,
fit in a morning – though those ragged by a infancy of children don’t
indeed demeanour good.

A conform No

The hipster trend – while interesting – seems dangerous. Fashion is fickle.
Official superintendence from a Department for Education regularly admonishes
schools to deliberate with children when selecting uniforms. Might that not end
adult with a medication of miniskirts, spare jeans, and imagination trainers?

Many schools, generally primaries, now ask children to wear a
sweatshirt or polo shirt with a propagandize trademark and grey trousers.
Increasingly, and generally in new academies, there is a trend for reviving
a some-more grave uniform, including propagandize blazers and ties. According to
Matthew Easter, authority of a Schoolwear Association: “School uniforms are
now clearly related to educational opening and good behaviour, and we see
some-more and some-more schools and academies upgrading to smarter and improved quality
uniform as a result.”

I like this thought – that a propagandize uniform, besides formulating a clarity of
community, teaches students a significance of sauce reasonably for
grave situations.

But a peculiarity of a immeasurable infancy of state propagandize uniforms we see just
doesn’t seem to lift that thought out: a uniforms from any given supplier
are cut for one physique type, and are therefore too slight or too far-reaching for most
students. Schools expansive with propagandize suggestion name ornate colours that are
zodiacally unflattering. Training for veteran sauce this is not.

So if we aren’t next with grave uniforms, and cold pack seems hazardous,
should we usually pierce to casual, though uniform, gear? Last year a primary
propagandize in Harrogate was criticised
for grouping relatives to dress
children in Vicky Pollard-style jogging bottoms rather than intelligent trousers,
skirts or pinafores. Parents protested that a messy uniform would “lower
standards” and Chris McGovern, authority of a Campaign for Real Education,
pronounced a thought promoted “the Vicky Pollard viewpoint on education”,
referring to a tracksuit-clad teenage derelict in Little Britain.
Rossett Acre Primary School shielded a decision, insisting that it made
clarity for children aged 4 or 5 to wear garments that were “sensible and

This creates clarity to me: if we can’t to intelligent in a financially fit and
aesthetically appreciative way, shouldn’t a children during slightest be comfortable?
Are we still meant to be following a Chinese in all matters educational?
Well theory what, their children wear tracksuits.

Do uniforms unequivocally kill individuality?

Some rail opposite propagandize uniforms, observant that a vital partial of a student’s
preparation is a growth of celebrity (agreed), and that this is
manifested by choice of wardrobe (hmm. Really? Surely a development
of celebrity and individuality should go distant over marker with a Goth
or Abercrombie look. And certainly a time to learn that looks aren’t
all is as shortly as possible.)

Does miss of uniform favour individuality?

What’s a answer?

By now, even a many Francophile among us have figured out that Parisian
children do, during times, chuck food, some Mmes are fat, and their 35-hour work
week hasn’t utterly worked out as planned. However, in matters of fashion,
maybe it is still protected to defer to a Gallic friends. When we complained
about British propagandize uniforms, my French crony shrugged and removed how,
in France, before a tyro riots in 1968, children usually wore their own
garments to propagandize and put a smock over them for a propagandize day, to protect
them. This tradition is now seen as an peremptory anachronism in France, and
a reconstruction is tabled usually spasmodic by far-Right candidates. But still…
Comfortable. Practical. One-size-fits-all. Perhaps we should give adult on the
thought of pre-professional sauce and follow a ‘ancien French’. It may
not be such a bad idea.

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