Which propagandize uniform is best? We review price, value and character to find out

July 18, 2017 - School Uniform

The kids competence usually only be violation adult from propagandize though it’s never too early to batch adult on uniform for a year ahead.

With supermarkets and high travel stores swimming with a stuff, it can be tough to confirm on a best products around.

We put uniforms from some of a categorical high travel stores and supermarkets to a test.

Here’s a preference of what a retailers are charity this year and a recommendations on what to buy, with some boots suggestions too.


Polo shirts – 2pk £1.65

Short sleeved shirts – 2pk £2.49

Jumper – £1.40

Cardigan – 2pk £5.99

Trousers – £1.95

Skirt – £1.95

Pinafore – 2pk £5.99

Aldi uniform

Aldi’s uniform understanding hits a headlines any year since of a low price.

The special buy lets relatives get their hands on two polo shirts , a sweatshirt and a dress or trousers for £5.

And for a cost they’re remarkably good quality. Just since they’re inexpensive doesn’t meant we have to do though a facilities we’ve all come to rest on… like a pull-in waists for example…

School uniform essay 2017

It’s in stores now and accessible to buy online though it won’t be around for prolonged so don’t hang around.

Best bits: The cost obviously. Good choice of colours in a basis – navy, black and grey in skirts, trousers and pinafores.

The zip-up front on a pinafores are ideal for small ones who competence onslaught with fiddly belts, as are a elasticated waist pull-up trousers for boys.

School uniform essay 2017

At £6.99 a pair, we can’t unequivocally kick a cost of boots either, generally when they’re leather. The scuff resistant underline means outlines clean off simply too.

School uniform essay 2017


Polo shirts – 2pk £2.50

Short sleeved shirts – 2pk £3

Jumper – £3

Cardigan – £4

Trousers – 2pk £6

Skirt – 2pk £6

Pinafore – £5

Tesco sells a variety of styles , from intelligent to casual, and in a far-reaching choice of colours.

The cardigans, jumpers and sweatshirts are all done with ‘As New Technology’ earnest long-lasting colour and a bobble-free finish.

Tesco pinafore

Basics including trousers , skirts and pinafores are accessible in grey, navy and black and when it comes to polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans there’s a wider choice than common – with yellow, red, blue, bullion and mount among a colours offered.

You can also select from cardigans with a scalloped trim and ribbed ones too.

The string mix jogging bottoms are also good value for income during £5 a span and come with that all critical drawstring waist.

School uniform essay 2017

Tesco’s shoes pledge combined comfort with a ‘Sensitive Sole and Micro-Fresh® Technology’ with antibacterial backing to assistance forestall odours.

They also come with a damage conflict coating.

School uniform essay 2017

Best bits: The accumulation of styles and colours is a large and point, though one of Tesco’s biggest uniform offering points is a embroidery service – mostly a cheaper approach to get products branded with a trademark from your child’s school.

You can now get products delivered a lot quicker than final year – with equipment betrothed within 11 to 14 days for £3 smoothness fee.

Tesco offers a possess elaboration service

You can form in your child’s propagandize here to see either products have already been systematic with that trademark and a tradesman also creates a 5% concession to propagandize for any equipment ordered.

Embroidered equipment start from £5 for polo shirts, £7.50 for sweatshirts and £9 for cardigans.

Blazers can be systematic too, from £19, that is many cheaper than many propagandize uniform suppliers.

You can get a operation of other festooned products too, including book bags, PE bags and fleece jackets.

Marks and Spencer

Polo shirts – 3pk from £7

Short sleeved shirts – 2pk £8

Jumper – £6

Cardigan – £7

Trousers – 2pk from £11

Skirt – £8

Pinafore – £10

A far-reaching operation of styles is offering by Marks and Spencer – even with a shirts and blouses we can select from ‘ longer length ‘ and three entertain length sleeve , to pin-tuck blouses .

The multipacks make a cost reduction than you’d substantially anticipate, with a 3 Pack Boys’ Slim Fit Easy to Iron Shirts starting from £9.

School uniform essay 2017

There’s a operation of styles and colours for a sweatshirts and knitwear, including a common black, navy and grey…

School uniform essay 2017

and some of a some-more surprising colours of propagandize skirts accessible too, including brownish-red and green.

And there’s a far-reaching operation of school shoes , from trip ons and lace-ups to easy to bind velcro varieties in leather and damage resistant coated leather.

School uniform essay 2017

Best bits: With a MS schoolwear it’s a combined extras that infer a biggest offering indicate – from a sundry fits to a ‘ adjust-a-hem ‘ trousers, from £9, that give an additional 3cm room for growth.

These also come with Supercrease™ record that ensures a permanent frail intelligent double down a front.

School uniform essay 2017

And a shirts are designed to make removing dressed easier too, with ‘expandicuffs’ – effervescent in a cuffs adult to age 8 – to make them easier to lift on, and velcro fixture instead of a fiddly tip button.

Velcro fixture during a tip to equivocate fiddling with a tip button

The tradesman final year launched an autism accessible ‘Easy Dressing’ range to make it easier for children to dress themselves and feel gentle all day.


Polo shirts – 2pk £2.50

Short sleeved shirts – 2pk £3

Jumper – £2

Cardigan – 2pk £4

Trousers – £3.50

Skirt – £3

Pinafore – £5

With multipacks including a School 5 Pack Stay White Teflon® Polo Shirts from £6 and sweatshirts from £2, a George uniform range is good value for money.

The tradesman offers a 100-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’ too that means that if for any reason we are not confident with a clothing, we can lapse it within 100 days with your explanation of squeeze for an sell or a refund.

‘Lasting colour’ pledge from Asda

There are a normal propagandize shirts as good as some-more minute pin-tuck designs with a pleated front like a Girls School Pin-Tuck Shirt , that comes in blue and white with heart-shaped buttons and starts from £3.

School uniform essay 2017

Best bits: The cost is a large pulling indicate for Asda, as good as a 100-day guarantee.

There are a series of online disdainful deals to make it even cheaper – such as a Girls School 2 Pack Long Sleeve Shirts , starting from £3 and a soothing jersey Button Detail Pinafore , from £4.

We checked out Asda, Tesco, Matalan, Aldi, Marks and Spencer and more

Colours change too, from cobalt blue and purple cardigans, from £4 each, to a Girls School 2 Pack Jersey Cardigan in Burgundy , also from £4. You can also get pinafores in a some-more odd brown and green , as good as in burgundy as an online exclusive.

The boots offer good value for income too, with boys’ leather trip ons from £17 and girls’ damage resistant velcro bind boots for £10.

School uniform essay 2017


Polo shirts – 2pk £6

Short sleeved shirts – 2pk from £4.50

Jumper – £3

Cardigan – £5

Trousers – £6

Skirt – £5

Pinafore – £6

School uniform essay 2017

Matalan’s propagandize operation is sundry and while certain equipment competence be a small pricier than other places, such as a two polo shirts from £6 , we can see that we are removing good peculiarity for your money.

They’re also decrease dry accessible so we know you’re not going to get any shrinkage.

As are a school shirts , that underline tractable cuffs and are easy to iron.

School uniform essay 2017

There’s a good operation of styles when it comes to skirts and pinafores , with colour choices including navy, grey, black, brownish-red and green.

The choice of boots is far-reaching too, from a some-more normal ankle tag shoes to these black loafers in ridicule suede with obvious panels with tassel detailing on a front, £12.

School uniform essay 2017

And a additional stuffing and ‘micro-fresh technology’ are acquire additional with a boys’ leather singular tag shoe , £16.


When it comes to footwear, it’s not only a propagandize boots we need to consider. Most relatives are carrying to buy pumps and trainers for several sports too.

You don’t always have to go for a many costly sports brands to get decent products.

School uniform essay 2017

Shoe Zone has a operation of propagandize boots for girls and boys, with prices starting from £9.99 for a velcro shoe.

And there’s loads of choice for trainers , again from £9.99 a pair.

School uniform essay 2017

Shoe Zone sells a possess brands and other branded products including Hush Puppies and a Macadam operation of leather shoes.

If we sign up to get emails from Shoezone afterwards you’ll get £5 off a £15 spend.

Wynsors World of Shoes

Wynsors is another choice for families when it comes to kitting a kids out on a budget.

There are lots of school shoes to select from, starting from £10 a pair .

But it also bonds Kickers , that are a renouned choice for relatives and kids and are mostly endorsed as a stout shoe for durability a full propagandize year.

Its operation includes a stylish Kariko T-bar shoe for girls, from £25, and a boys’ Fragma design, £40.

Wynsors bonds Kickers

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