Where to get a propagandize uniform in Plymouth for reduction than £4

July 11, 2016 - School Uniform

School uniforms are now accessible in Plymouth for literally a integrate of pounds, with a city’s supermarkets violation out a Back to School operation before a summer holidays have even begun.

If you’re peaceful to hunt around, we could container out your child for reduction than £5, in colours that will compare a uniforms of many schools.

plymouthherald has finished a footwork, and this is where we can get a best propagandize uniform bargains in a city.


Tesco is now charity uniforms festooned with propagandize logos.You can sequence polo shirts, jumpers, cardigans, jackets and PE kits in your school’s colours, finish with festooned emblems and lift income for your propagandize during a same time.

Embroidered uniform prices start during £4.50 for a polo shirt, £7.50 for a sweatshirt and £8 for a cardigan. It takes around 28 days and costs £3 for home delivery.

Order online here

Regular FF plain uniform starts at:

5 container of polo shirts £8.50

2 container of trousers £6

Pleated dress £3.50

Jumper £3

5 container of shirts £7.50

2 container of PE shorts £5.

Tesco propagandize uniform

Tesco propagandize uniform

Nearest Tesco stores:

Transit Way


Lee Mill


Aldi’s full propagandize uniforms will cost reduction than £4 this year, adult to 74 per cent cheaper than other supermarkets.

Pre-orders online start on Jul 7, and in-store sales start Jul 14. Find out some-more here

They have an ‘All Sizes are One Price’ policy, that means we won’t compensate some-more a bigger your child gets.

Prices start at:

2 container of polo shirts £1.25

Pair of trousers £1.50

Skirt £1.50

Sweater £1.25

2 container of shirts £1.99

PE shorts £2.79

Aldi propagandize uniform

Aldi propagandize uniform

Nearest Aldi stores:

Greenbank Road

Union Street

Charter Way, Liskeard


Tu Clothing during Sainsbury’s promises ‘perfect pleats, ideal double and mark repellent qualities to assistance make uniform last.

There’s also a distance beam online to assistance we magnitude your child but carrying to take them into store to try a uniform on. Check it out here

Prices start at:

3 container of polo shirts £3.50

2 container of trousers £7

Pleated dress £5

2 container of jumpers £6

3 container of shirts £4

2 container of PE shorts £3

Sainsbury's propagandize uniform

Sainsbury’s propagandize uniform

Nearest Sainsbury’s stores:

Marsh Mills

Armada Centre


MS offer useful checklists online to make certain we have all we need for a new term.

Shoppers can sequence online and collect a subsequent day in store or name giveaway home smoothness if they spend over £50. You can sequence your uniform here

Prices start from:

2 container polo shirts £5

2 container trousers £9

Jumper £8

Pleated dress £9

2 container shirts £8

2 container of PE shorts £7

MS propagandize uniform

MS propagandize uniform

Nearest MS stores:

Drake Circus

Tavistock Road


Asda offers an online measuring beam and will give we £20 off leather showes when we spend £25 on propagandize clothes.

Shorts from £2.50

Trousers from £3

Polo shorts from £3 for container of 2

Short-sleeved shirst from £3 for a container of 2

Pinafore from £3 (was £5)

Long-sleeved shirts from £3.50

Blazer from £10

Nearest Asda store


Dedicated School Shops

There are dedicated propagandize shops in Plymouth, charity a personal use to make certain your child is kitted out in uniform that has all a right logos in time for a new term. You can routinely buy logoed uniform approach from them or they can sequence it in within a integrate of days.

The Schoolwear Shop, Mayflower Street

Trutex Schoolwear, Billacombe Road

Footprint Uniforms, Austin Crescent


Lidl launches a behind to propagandize operation on Jul 21

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