Westerford High introduces gender-bending uniform policy

November 18, 2016 - School Uniform

Westerford High School has taken a on-going step of introducing gender-neutral uniform policies when it comes to hair and trinket from 2017.

Principal Rob le Roux explains that hair and earring manners will be a same for boys and girls during a Cape school.

We’ve motionless in principal to have a same regulations for boys and girls with hair and jewelry.

Rob le Roux, Westerford High School Principal

We wish to do divided with those nit picky rules.

Rob le Roux, Westerford High School Principal

Le Roux says a manners and regulations still need to be finalised, though neatness and cleanliness will be a underlying principals of a updated uniform policies.

Boys will be means to grow their hair, wear earrings and have a same manners that are practical to girls.

Le Roux says a conference routine began final year when a propagandize was reviewing a uniform in an online survey.

Parents responded definitely and a propagandize ruling physique began endless discussions about a proposals.

Boys will be authorised to wear ponytails, as prolonged as their hair is tied back, clipped and neat.

They will also be authorised to wear singular studs or sleeper earrings in a bottom hole of a earlobe.

The principal maintains that a responsibility is on relatives and pupils to make certain that they sojourn respectable during all times, as there will be repercussions for pupils who are untidy.

The same will request for boys. It doesn’t meant that anything goes. There will be despotic manners and regulations.

Rob le Roux, Westerford High School Principal

He says it is nonetheless to be seen either a process changes will make a lives of teachers easier.

Le Roux adds that there are some grey areas in a new policy, such as a prohibiting of supposed “fashion statements”.

Take a listen to Principal Rob le Roux on a new changes:

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