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October 9, 2014 - School Uniform


This is a darling impulse a Manchester United-mad kid pennyless down in tears during a awaiting of carrying to wear BLUE when she starts school.

Lilly Rae Doyle, three, couldn’t bear a suspicion of wearing a colours of her team’s arch rivals each day, a Manchester Evening News reports.

Despite a best efforts of silent Faye Cummins and her partner Andrew Mitchell to convince small Lilly Rae that United mostly wear a blue divided strip, she stays sad during her new attire.

The video shows a initial time Lilly attempted on a uniform and she can be seen regularly tugging on a Royal blue cardigan and great “I don’t like blue, we wish to get if off”.

Faye, 28, a bank worker, from Benchill, Wythenshawe, pronounced she wasn’t astounded by her daughter’s reaction.

She said: “I knew she wasn’t going to be happy. She only loves United, she is such an zealous fan and loves all to do with them. It’s always United, United, United.”


“We went to buy a uniform progressing this week and we suspicion once she had it on we competence be means to speak her round.

“It was a nightmare, we don’t know how we’re going to get on when it’s her initial day during propagandize since she’s not changing her mind. we don’t consider it’s going to be easy.

“It’s tough to see my small lady dissapoint though I’m certain she’ll get used to a new uniform. She’s so ardent about United and we consider a video’s brilliant, we wish it’s something that will make other people grin as well.

“Most of my family are City fans, it’s only me and my sister that are United. They’ve all seen a video and they all consider it’s utterly funny, they’d most rather she was a Blue.”

Lilly Rae doesn’t have a favourite United actor as she ‘loves them all a same’ and unsurprisingly lists her Manchester United shirt as her favourite object of clothing.

The video shows Lilly Rae protesting that her uniform is “so, so blue” and station organisation opposite arguments that she won’t be means to go to propagandize but her new uniform on.

Lilly Rae will be fasten a school’s ‘Foundation Stage One’ pre-school category after this month.

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