Volusia County deliberation propagandize uniform policy

September 10, 2015 - School Uniform

– The Volusia County School Board wants to know if families would support a uniform process for a 2016-17 propagandize year.  County leaders have posted a consult on a district’s website seeking for feedback, which will be accessible until Sept. 30.  

Officials said, a dress formula isn’t working, so they are looking during uniforms for students from kindergarten to high school.  School Spokeswoman Nancy Wait says uniforms can assistance with safety.  “If students are all in a same outfit if a foreigner comes on campus, they’ll be some-more simply identifiable,” pronounced Wait.  

The stream tyro dress formula was adopted in 2011-12 and determined discipline for coming and dress of students. Prior to 2011-12, a tyro dress formula was determined away by any school.  After a Sept. 30 deadline, a propagandize house will afterwards have dual meetings, including open input, before creation a decision.

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