Volusia Co. School Board deliberation district far-reaching uniform policy

August 11, 2015 - School Uniform

The Volusia County School Board is assembly to speak about enforcing a uniform process Tuesday. 

Some School Board members contend implementing a uniform process will daunt bullying and concede kids to concentration in school. But some relatives FOX 35 spoke with don’t all agree. 

The reason since leaders contend they are articulate about a uniform process now for a subsequent propagandize in 2016 is since teachers and staff have reported ongoing problems. 

One propagandize house member told FOX 35 that teachers don’t like being a “clothing police,” and pronounced  it takes time divided from students training in a classroom. 

Volusia County Board Chairwoman, Linda Costello, says implementing a propagandize uniform will urge a propagandize sourroundings overall. “Studies uncover increasing educational achievement, reduction bullying, and extended security. we consider uniforms could emanate an atmosphere that increases training and an sourroundings that is some-more protected and secure,” pronounced Chairwoman Costello. 
But one mom disagrees observant uniforms will not solve a bullying problem. 

“I don’t consider it’s a good idea, no,” pronounced Mom Marie Sanders. 

School house members will be assembly Tuesday to also speak if a uniform process is required district wide.

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