Unwanted propagandize uniforms assistance children in a Gambia

April 20, 2017 - School Uniform

SCHOOL uniforms no longer indispensable during a now sealed Chilton Cantelo School in South Somerset are creation a genuine disproportion to children in a Gambia – interjection to a School in a Bag charity.

THE School in a Bag team, formed on a hinterland of Yeovil during Chilthorne Domer and partial of a altogether Piers Simon Appeal, were contacted by Chilton Cantelo School in Aug of final year.

The private school, that sealed final year, offering a gift loads of stationery and propagandize uniforms that would no longer be needed.

Luke Simon, arch executive of a School in a Bag charity, said: “We boxed and labelled it all adult and filled a minibus and shipped it out to a Gambia to a gift partners Skoolz4kids.

“It was good to afterwards get these photos sent to us from a Tubakuta Village Lower Basic School in a Gambia with a children wearing a Chilton Cantelo School uniform (pictured.

“Thank we for this generosity, it’s poetic that a propagandize name lives on – despite 3,610 miles divided in Africa!”

The School in a Bag beginning has seen thousands of schoolbags packaged with stationery and other bland equipment to children in deprived areas around a globe.

The beginning is partial of a altogether Piers Simon Appeal that was combined following a 2004 Asian tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives including former Yeovil College tyro Piers Simon who was holidaying in Thailand during a time of a disaster.

The gift has left on to lift some-more than £1-million and a large money-earner for a year – a annual Home Farm Fest – is impending quick on Jun 9th to 11th. Chilton Cantelo School – that has given been bought by a Yeovil-based Park School – sealed in Jul final year after a owners motionless it was no longer viable to keep it open.

But a orator for a Friends of Chilton Cantelo School, vocalization on amicable media, said: “With a propagandize shutting and a realization that Chilton Cantelo School is to be no some-more – it’s heartening to see a name vital on thousands of miles divided in Gambia. Such good work by a School in a Bag team.”

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