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March 21, 2015 - School Uniform

Washington County School District officials are looking during adding uniforms to subsequent years dress code. Officials contend uniforms have a series of benefits.

WASHINGTON COUNTY– Washington County relatives might be means to save some income on garments subsequent propagandize year. The district is in a early stages of implementing propagandize uniforms. However, students have churned feelings about a plan. Sagging pants, jogging shorts, and tank tops might be a thing of a past for Washington County students. That’s since they might shortly be wearing uniforms.

“If someone is not wearing a propagandize uniform, afterwards they don’t go with us, and we can mark a children easier,” explained Kate Smith Elementary School Principal Lesa Burdeshaw. “So it’s a safety. we know it’d be easier for me for me as a primogenitor to squeeze 6 or 7 shirts that they collect from and rinse them any weekend and not have to worry about an array of clothing.”

Officials are aiming for a new dress formula in a 2015-2016 propagandize year.

“I overtly don’t caring if we wear uniforms or not,” Chipley High School Sophomore Gianna Mathews said. “Just as prolonged as they’re like not, we don’t have to wear like plaid skirts we can wear only like polos.”

Officials will presumably go for a loose demeanour with polos, pants, and knee turn shorts. Many students consider it will turn a personification field.

“Some kids who aren’t as advantageous as others they wouldn’t have to worry about removing picked on or removing bullied and things like that,” mentioned CHS Junior Michael McCovery. “And we theory it will be kinda
equal for everybody.”

But others consider it suppress their style.

“Not a lot of people will get to demonstrate their styles and contend ‘look. This is who we am.’ Or uncover who they are. They’ll only be underneath a garland of uniforms, though that’s not unequivocally them,” explained CHS Junior Chad Carmichael.

The superintendent will accumulate information per uniforms from other propagandize districts and benefaction it to a propagandize house in April.

Officials contend they will have several meetings before commendatory or denying a uniforms. No word on how most they could cost.

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