Twice And JYP Under Fire For Controversial School Uniform Ad

October 14, 2015 - School Uniform

An online petition in South Korea was combined criticizing an ad featuring a CEO of JYP Entertainment and a record label’s subsequent lady group.

The coming of Park Jin Young, a owner and executive of JYP Entertainment, and members of Twice, a company’s soon-to-debut lady group, in an ad debate for a Korean code School Looks is underneath glow for sexualizing propagandize uniforms.

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The print ad in doubt facilities calm some have found to be intimately revealing and an online petition was combined to criticism a images. The online petition creators took offense with what they contend is a sexualization of propagandize uniforms.

The School Looks ads featured Twice members wearing tight-fitting, brief uniforms, and described a outfits advertised as “shading skirt” and “corset jacket.” Park Jin Young is seen staring during a Twice members from behind sunglasses, winning a image.

“The models in a posters some-more resemble Lolita illusion bar hostesses than 13 to 18-year-old propagandize girls,” wrote a creator of a petition according to the K-Pop Herald.

The petition called for amicable groups to take movement opposite advertisements that use revealing denunciation and images to send a wrong summary to immature women.

“If we don’t make an emanate out of it, this will go neglected and unchallenged,” pronounced a petitioner.

Twice is JYP Entertainment’s initial lady organisation given a 2010 entrance of skip A. Twice is done adult of 9 members and they have expelled mixed teaser images and videos for a shortly to be expelled song, “Like OOH-AHH,” that is set to dump on Oct. 20.


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