Tri-County house nixes thought of propagandize uniforms

March 4, 2016 - School Uniform

The subject of propagandize uniforms was overwhelmed on during a new assembly of Tri-County Regional School Board. At that time it was motionless that before carrying any critical contention on a emanate propagandize advisory councils (SACs) would be asked for their feelings. At a board’s Mar monthly assembly superintendent Lisa Doucet came behind with that input.

“The infancy of a SACs did not support a thought of propagandize uniforms,” she reported. “Some upheld it though felt it would be a formidable sell to a community. Others pronounced that a contention lifted some-more questions than it did answers.”

Questions that people had included:

• Would they be house uniforms or school-level uniforms?

• Who pays for them?

• What happens if a tyro arrives during propagandize though a uniform?

• What happens if a primogenitor or tyro refuses to squeeze a uniform?

Some people disturbed uniforms, or a uniform dress code, could emanate disciplinary issues for schools to have to understanding with if students didn’t belong to a uniforms.

There were also concerns about a impact on transgender and gender non-conforming students. Would uniforms be forced on them?

The list of pros and cons went behind and onward as well.

Pro: Would turn a personification margin for all students.

Con: Loss of particular expression.

Pro: Expensive name code wardrobe would be eliminated.

Con: There would be a cost for outfitting kids with uniforms.

Doucet pronounced other comments ranged from “Not value looking at” to “This is really something to demeanour into.”

Based on a feedback, her recommendation was that a house not try a emanate any further. The infancy of house members agreed.

But house member Ron Hines, who had lifted a emanate of propagandize uniforms, still thinks it’s a good idea.

“The reason we brought it adult is we trust many students do feel out of place in a complement since they can’t means a garments that a other students sitting subsequent to them have,” he said, observant he feels some relatives “actually flourish their status” by shopping costly wardrobe for their kids.

“I also feel that a individuality evidence is zero though a joke,” he said. “Have we seen a approach students dress these days? What’s so particular about that?”

Still, other feedback that a house had perceived from a SACs was that with propagandize closures and bill concerns there are some-more critical issues for a house to understanding with.


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