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October 29, 2016 - School Uniform

Lily Madigan, a trans teen from Chatham in Kent, has common a lenient story of how she fought to wear a scold propagandize uniform for her gender.

Lily, 18, realised she was transgender during a age of 14 and came out to her propagandize friends in Jan of this year, carrying already told her mother. In March, she arrived during a propagandize gates wearing a womanlike uniform for a initial time, though was told to go home given she was violation a dress code.

“It done me feel that something was wrong with me,” Madigan told BuzzFeed News. “You consider maybe you’re a problem. It’s alienating. You consider propagandize is ostensible to be there for we and when that happens it breaks your trust.”

Lily and her mom afterwards attended a assembly during Lily’s school, a state-run St Simon Stock Catholic School in circuitously Maidstone, though unsuccessful to convince teachers that Lily had a right to be stable from taste underneath a Equality Act 2010. The propagandize also refused to behind down when Lily handed in a petition sealed by over 200 pupils, and for a time she was forced to attend propagandize in a masculine uniform that she says “put me in a bad mood all day.”

Undeterred, Lily found a law organisation in London that would take her box pro bono and together they sent a minute to a propagandize melancholy a justice box if Lily’s rights underneath a a Equality Act 2010 and a Human Rights Act 1998 were not upheld. Two weeks later, a propagandize apologised and given a start of term, she has been authorised to attend classes wearing whatever garments she feels gentle in.

“It’s a lot better; I’m a lot happier,” she told BuzzFeed News. “It shows how most it affects someone when they’re being discriminated against.” Her Facebook profile now facilities a heartening description: “Transgender woman. Sued my propagandize and won. Lover of pinafores. Trans activist!”

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