This is how most relatives are profitable for uniforms

January 5, 2017 - School Uniform

It’s behind to propagandize time and following gratifying spending, relatives still need to cough adult a bit some-more for propagandize uniform.

The Competition Commission recently announced skeleton to get tough on South Africa’s propagandize uniform monopolies, that force relatives to compensate thousands of rands for new propagandize pack even yet identical equipment can customarily be bought elsewhere during a fragment of a cost.

According to a news by Bongani Mthethwa, Taschica Pillay and Matthew Savides of a Sunday Times, a vital Gauteng propagandize uniform manufacturer, who sells usually to retailers, pronounced kickbacks to principals by retailers was “common practice”.

“Bribery of principals to safeguard retailers get a business has been going on for a series of years. It’s a jointly profitable attribute – and a victims are a parents.”

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Sowetan LIVE paid a revisit to 3 Joburg formed comparison propagandize uniform suppliers as good as 3 sell stores to review prices.

Specialised uniform shops pricelist:

Blazer – R550, R650, R799

Tunic – R299, R370                            

Jersey – R175

Pullover – R170

White hosiery x2 – R40

Winter dress – R220

Long sleeve shirts x2 – R140

Tracksuits – R450

Tie – R50

Winter hosiery – R45

Beenie – R60

Scarf – R120

Gloves – R50

Sports shorts – R150

Sports t-shirt – R150

Sport dress – R250

Shoes – R120, R349

School bag – R285

Red winter dress – R260

White hosiery x3 – R60

Golf shirt – R165

Golf shirt – R165

Retail (RED)uniform-prices.jpg 

Retail shops

Shoes – R250 (average)

Shirts – R45 – R150

Pants – R80 – R200

Skirts – R65 – R160

Shorts – R60 – R100

Tunic – R120

Socks x2 – R35 – R70

Jersey – R75


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