The many advantages of a good-quality propagandize uniform

August 29, 2017 - School Uniform

You contend families spend an normal of £329 per child on propagandize uniform any year (From a home front, Family, 26 August). This is during contingency with investigate by Oxford Brookes University that showed a normal delegate propagandize outfit in 2015 cost £88, or £127 with PE kit. Even permitting for acceleration and a fact that children will have some-more than one of some items, a figure we quote seems unlikely, generally when we cruise that a many costly object of clothing, a blazer, will typically final for some-more than one year.

The genuine question, however, is not one of cost though of value. Good-quality uniform lasts longer and provides softened value in a prolonged run than cheap, off-the-shelf garments.

As is good documented, good-quality uniform contributes to softened learning, softened poise and larger reserve in and out of school. This year, investigate carried out by Family, Kids and Youth showed that it is also a certain cause in children’s wellbeing.
David Burgess
Chair, The Schoolwear Association

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