SWI fails to broach propagandize uniform orders TWO MONTHS after they were placed

September 4, 2015 - School Uniform

  • SWI unsuccessful to delivered orders for propagandize uniform placed months ago
  • Firm has agreement with during slightest 187 schools opposite Britain
  • Parents complained they had placed orders for uniform behind in June 
  • SWI’s executive pronounced a problem was due to a glitch with their mechanism system 

Emily Kent Smith

Jaya Narain for a Daily Mail



Thousands of children were forced to go behind to propagandize with no uniform after a heading retailer unsuccessful to broach orders that were placed dual months ago.

Manufacturer SWI abandoned complaints from scores of mad relatives who faced promulgation their children behind to propagandize in a wrong wardrobe yesterday.

Last night , they branded a company’s poise ‘disgusting’ with some job for an ‘independent investigation’.

Thousands of children were forced to lapse to propagandize with no propagandize uniform after retailer unsuccessful to broach (file picture)

Thousands of children were forced to lapse to propagandize with no propagandize uniform after retailer unsuccessful to broach (file picture)

SWI schoolwear boasts collaborations with Prince Charles’ former tailor and has cumulative contracts with during slightest 187 schools opposite Britain.

It is a bend of powerful association Sportswear International and was founded by businessman Kirk Robertson, 54 – who was formerly conduct of product growth for sports code Adidas.

Mr Robertson has boasted in prior interviews that he skeleton to enhance a business abroad and filed an £8.8million turnover in June.

The association also collaborated with Savile Row tailor Tom Mahon to emanate a fit that Mr Robertson described as ‘fantastic’.

But notwithstanding holding orders from as distant behind as June, thousands of relatives have been left in a surge after SWI unsuccessful to broach purchases and abandoned patron calls.

Some relatives told of how they had done tighten to 100 calls over a past week. Others pronounced they had perceived an programmed summary observant that their orders would arrive in Apr 2016.

Chris Ryan, 37, a plumbing and heating operative from Kettering, Northamptonshire, pronounced his daughter, Faith, 11, who lives with her mother, had called him each day to find out when her uniform was arriving.

He said: ‘She’s been saying: “Has it arrived nonetheless Dad?” I’ve pronounced no, contemptible swain I’m trying.’

Mr Ryan spent £135 on wardrobe for Faith, who started during a new propagandize yesterday (Thur), and placed his sequence on Jul 27.

The SWI website pledges to broach equipment within 7 to 10 days though 5 weeks on, there has been no pointer of a uniform.

Mr Ryan said: ‘I initial emailed in a center of Aug and we usually got an email behind saying: “A member of staff will hit we within 5 days.”

‘I’ve phoned them 16 times a day to get an intent tinge each time. we got reason in a reserve for 45 minutes. we got down to series 1 and afterwards we got cut off.’

He finally perceived a general email blaming a check on an IT complement upgrade.

Mr Ryan is now disturbed that his daughter will get bullied.

He said: ‘The final thing we wish to do is send her to propagandize with no propagandize uniform. Kids can be kids and if she got picked on we would feel so guilty for it.’

He added: ‘It’s not meaningful that is a misfortune thing and to send a general email, we cruise that is disgusting.’

Schools opposite a nation have also warned relatives about a issue.

Wheatley Park in Oxford told relatives to cruise purchasing equipment from Asda or MS until their equipment arrived.

Sherry Hornagold-Prosser, 48 from Northampton, pronounced that her son Louis, 11, had been frightened of starting propagandize since he would not be wearing a right clothing.

Mrs Hornagold-Prosser, who runs a babywear business, placed her sequence on Jul 7 though notwithstanding dozens of calls and tweets, her son’s blazer usually arrived yesterday (morning) – after her son had left for school.

A handwritten note concomitant a package read: ‘Hi, unequivocally contemptible about this.’

The package also contained a span of hosiery that should have been dispatched to another family.

She said: ‘He’s shaken anyway though he’s distraught about going to propagandize and being in difficulty on his initial day. There’s usually so most we can tell an 11-year-old.’

She added: ‘The irony is that on Aug 26, they put out a video out about how shining they were.

‘We all make mistakes though we need to acknowledge them and afterwards people are OK.

‘They’ve exacerbated a situation. I’m gobsmacked during their miss of traffic with it.’

SWI has blamed a mechanism glitch for a problems (file picture)

SWI has blamed a mechanism glitch for a problems (file picture)

For Viktorija Jakobsone, 32, removing 5 children prepared to go behind to propagandize has been tough enough.

But a conditions has been worsened by a fact that her children have been left though a uniform that she systematic 3 and a half weeks ago.

When she checked online, she was told that a estimated smoothness date would be on Dec 21.

Mrs Jakobsone, pronounced her twin girls Karlina and Ance, 11, would be returning to propagandize in black cardigans from Tesco.

She said: ‘Why are they updating their program when they know everybody is grouping uniform?

‘I have called them each day, 3 times a day for a week. we attempted 9am and in a afternoon. It isn’t probable they aren’t answering.’

Mrs Jakobsone pronounced that she had oral to dozens of relatives who pronounced their children would be going to propagandize in temporary uniform since of SWI.

She added: ‘Everyone is observant this association is awful and they don’t caring about their customers.’

Consumer Action website A Spokesman Said has been lobbying SWI.

Spokesman Fred Isaac said: ‘People accept that companies have mechanism problems though there is no forgive for unwell to promulgate with customers.

‘It looks like they’ve famous about a emanate for some time though they kept a lot of disturbed people in a dark. There’s no information on a website and their Facebook page has left down. Must do better, clearly’

Last night Kirk Robertson, from SWI, expelled a matter outset his ‘sincere apologies’ to relatives and certified that a glitch did not accommodate a company’s common ‘high standards’.

He added: ‘The reason for this, is that following a new doing of a new IT infrastructure there have been variable challenges. This has influenced a series of patron sales placed in Jul and Aug ensuing in delays to delivery.

‘Consequently there has been a poignant boost in communication to a patron services group from business contacting us around telephone, email and amicable media.

‘This has led to a behind communication and some business not being means to hit us in a timely fashion.’

Mr Robertson pronounced that a association had doubled a phone lines and recruited additional staff to understanding with a issue.

He added: ‘Despite a best efforts we have not been means to pronounce to as many endangered relatives as we would have favourite to and a SWI group would like to offer a sincerest apologies.’

He pronounced a association was now operative ‘extremely hard’ to do orders.


By Jessica McKay 

Tesco has also caused serve disharmony for relatives after unwell to broach uniform in time for a initial day of school.

Parents who purchased equipment by a supermarket’s elaboration use are still watchful for deliveries – 6 weeks after fixation their orders.

One parent, Joanna Barrass, 34, from Stockport, systematic polo shirts and sweatshirts for her 3-year-old daughter Holly on Aug 17.

She has now be told that she will have to wait until dual weeks after Holly has returned to propagandize to accept a items.

She said: ‘I was tighten tears. The suspicion of my daughter going to her initial ever day in preschool not kitted out in a uniform unequivocally dissapoint me.’

Vikki Richardson Brown, from Chesterfield, spent 40 mins on reason after her son Ryan’s, 5, uniform unsuccessful to arrive on time.

She said: ‘I feel unequivocally indignant and let down and that it is a box of large organisations perplexing to put internal businesses out of business.

‘It’s intolerable that Tesco were incompetent to broach when it was apparent how high direct would be.’

The elaboration use provides equipment for some-more than 4,000 schools opposite a country.

A Tesco orator said: ‘We’ve had an well-developed series of orders for festooned propagandize uniforms.

‘Where we can’t broach a festooned uniform before propagandize starts we’ve contacted business to apologize and let them know we’ll get it to them as shortly as possible.

‘We will also be providing these business with a refund.’


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