Supply of govt. propagandize uniform expected to be hit

June 20, 2016 - School Uniform

Supply of propagandize uniforms to kids has always been a vital debate in Srikakulam district with miss of coordination between a stitching units and officials of a Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM). The stitching units are not penetrating to take adult supervision works in a new educational year with a small remuneration of Rs. 40 per uniform, lavish check in clearing aged bills and regulating of discipline after execution of works. This will lead to rejection of uniforms for 40-lakh propagandize students opposite a district. According to sources, a stitching units were fed adult with a non-clearance of payments regarding to a 2015-16 year.

Rs. 1.6 crore due

Around 10,000 tailors got contracts by recognized stitching units final year. The government, that has to compensate around Rs. 1.6 crore for 40-lakh dresses, found violations in stitching norms and use of defective peculiarity material. RVM officials are not happy with a element granted by APCO, a government-owned organisation. The stitching units argued that they can't be blamed for a defective element used.

Representatives of stitching units and tailors have been relocating around a Collector’s bureau and RVM’s bureau for removing payments. “The tailors have turn victims with a check in payments. The supervision should support a discipline before giving orders and it is not scold to lift doubts after a execution of work,” pronounced a stitching section representative. Srikakulam Stitching Workers’ Welfare Association leaders Savvana Umamaheswari, V. Venkata Ramana and others have urged a involvement of Srikakulam Collector P. Lakshmi Narasimham and Joint Collector Vivek Yadav to settle a payments as early as possible.

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