Spain Moves to Take Control of Catalonia After Secession Vote

October 27, 2017 - School Uniform

Such moves were expected to spin a boisterousseparatist travel celebrations that greeted a liberty stipulation on Friday into mass protests, with one Catalan labor kinship already pursuit on workers to theatre a ubiquitous strike from Monday.

During a discuss that preceded their vote, Catalan lawmakers traded accusations and in spin described a arise as “historic” and “happy,” or else “tragic” and a defilement of Spain’s Constitution, maybe a usually thing on that both sides agreed.

Within an hour of a Catalan vote, a Spanish Senate in Madrid voted 214 to 47 to plead Article 155 of Spain’s Constitution, extenuation Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy unusual powers to take approach executive control over a segment and mislay secessionist politicians, including a Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, who might now be theme to charges of rebellion.


Separatist lawmakers in a Catalan Parliament applauded after a fortitude passed. Those against to liberty walked out in criticism before a vote.

David Ramos/Getty Images

In a discuss on Friday before a vote, Mr. Rajoy had pronounced he had “no alternative” since Mr. Puigdemont and his separatist supervision had followed an bootleg and uneven trail that was “contrary to a normal function in any authorized nation like ours.”

Undeterred by a government’s threat, and after a sour debate, separatists in a Catalan Parliament upheld a fortitude to emanate “a Catalan commonwealth as an eccentric state.” Most of a lawmakers against to liberty walked out of a cover in criticism before a vote.

Since a region’s referendum on Oct. 1, Mr. Puigdemont had been squeezed in a tightening clamp of his possess creation, and seemed during times to protest his possess declarations as he squirmed for a approach out.

On a one hand, a inexperienced, former tiny city mayor was trapped between final from Catalan hard-liners to announce independence, and on a other by a stiffening response from a Rajoy supervision dynamic to safety a nation’s structure and territorial integrity.


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Despite pleas for mediation, he and his region’s liberty bid were shunned and condemned, not usually by a Madrid executive supervision yet also European Union officials heedful of enlivening likewise disposed secessionist movements around a Continent.

European leaders done transparent on Friday that they would not be noticing Catalan liberty and would support Mr. Rajoy, as personality of one of a bloc’s many critical member states. Donald Tusk, a boss of a European Council, wrote in a Twitter post that “nothing changes” and “Spain stays a usually interlocutor.”

Searching for a compromise, Mr. Puigdemont came tighten on Thursday to pursuit early informal elections — that Mr. Rajoy has pronounced he, too, wouldnow call within 6 months — in hopes of forestalling a extreme measures authorized by a Spanish Senate on Friday and preserving Catalonia’s autonomy.

But Madrid would offer no pledge that it would not clamp down on a region, Mr. Puigdemont said, as he immediately faced a rebel in his possess ranks from secessionist die-hards who called him a traitor.

After hours of loath on Thursday, he relented and threw a preference on liberty to Catalan lawmakers, who took a fatal thrust on Friday.

Addressing a Catalan Parliament in Spanish, Carlos Carrizosa, a lawmaker from Ciudadanos, a celebration that opposes secession, told Mr. Puigdemont and separatist lawmakers that, distant from formulating a new Catalan republic, “you will go down in story for carrying fractured Catalonia and for falling a institutions of Catalonia.”

In front of a assembly, he tore detached a duplicate of a liberty resolution. “Your pursuit is not to guarantee impracticable dreams yet to urge a daily lives of people,” he said.

Before a liberty vote, Marta Rovira, a separatist lawmaker, told a public that “today we start on a new path” to build “a improved country.” She added: “We are formulating a nation giveaway of repression.”

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Catalan lawmakers who voted for liberty could face charge for sedition, or even rebellion.

Marta Ribas, a Catalan lawmaker, pronounced that Madrid’s use of Article 155 was unjustified, yet also argued that “it’s a mistake to respond to one vast act with another vast act.”


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She added: “A stipulation of liberty won’t strengthen us from a 155, utterly a contrary.”

In a streets outward Parliament in Barcelona, not distant from a boisterous pro-independence rally, a few Catalans sensitively voiced identical frustrations.

The Oct. 1 referendum did not give a Catalan supervision a legitimacy to opinion to secede, pronounced Federico Escolar, 53, a cafeteria owner.

“Most of a people who would have voted no did not participate,” Mr. Escolar said, while smoking a cigarette outward his cafe. “It was not a correct referendum. It was illegal.”

Walking into a circuitously transport station, Christina Juana, a 38-year-old amicable worker, agreed.

“Neither Puigdemont nor a Catalan supervision knows accurately what a Catalan people’s opinion is,” Ms. Juana said.

Before a Catalan Parliament’s opinion for liberty on Friday, vast crowds had collected outward in expectation of what they hoped would be a ancestral day for Catalonia.


Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain addressing a Senate in Madrid on Friday.

Chema Moya/European Pressphoto Agency

Many were draped in flags as they watched a parliamentary discuss on dual vast screens, entertaining during speeches by pro-independence lawmakers and hissing those of their opponents. When record strike a lull, a crowds cycled by a array of pro-independence chants.

“Spanish occupiers!” was one, a anxiety to a inhabitant military officers who attempted to stop a Oct. 1 referendum by force. “Leave Catalonia!”

“I feel very, really happy,” pronounced Emili Ara, a 79-year-old late realtor, who pronounced he had hoped for Catalan liberty for many of his life, even in a days when a judgment had small widespread appeal.


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“The people vital here, both those who voted approbation and those who voted no, will be means to see their sons and grandsons suffer a most improved future,” he added.

The confidence of Mr. Ara and his family was not dented by a awaiting of a Spanish government’s relocating to take over administration of a region.

“We have to announce liberty even if we finish adult with reduction liberty than we have now,” pronounced Eulalia Ara, Mr. Ara’s 39-year-old daughter. “We can’t continue in this conditions since we are being restricted by a Spanish state.”

And even “if they take a Parliament and a government,” pronounced Jordi Ara, Mr. Ara’s 18-year-old grandson, “we will still have a beliefs!”

Elsewhere in a crowd, separatist protesters saw small problem with dogmatic liberty even yet reduction than 43 percent of electorate had participated in a referendum.

“Two months ago, we would have pronounced that 43 percent was not enough,” pronounced Ester Romero, 25, a sales manager who had come to a convene after picking adult her grade certificate.

“But after all a oppression, after all a military attack people during a referendum, it’s enough.”

David Meseguer contributed reporting.

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