South Middle SBDM approves propagandize uniform policy

March 18, 2015 - School Uniform

HENDERSON, Ky – Khakis, polo shirts and belts will be hackneyed during South Middle School subsequent year.

South site-based decision-making legislature adopted a propagandize uniform process during a assembly Tuesday afternoon. The process will go into outcome for a 2015-16 propagandize year. The process is not districtwide and will usually impact South.

“It’s a concentration on learning,” pronounced Principal Ryan Reusch, who is also a SBDM member and parent. “It’s adventurous to be great. It’s a confidant move.”

Reusch had prior success with propagandize uniforms after introducing them during Central Learning Center when he was a principal there. It helped with tyro fortify and educational achievement, he said.

The legislature has discussed a merits of uniforms given final summer. The subject has been on any meeting’s bulletin via a propagandize year, pronounced South clergyman and SBDM member Claire Griffin.

In January, South invited parents, students and staff to voice their opinions on propagandize uniforms by an online survey. Out of a 710 students enrolled during South, there were 214 that took a consult along with 240 parents. Opinions were both certain and negative.

A few relatives and a students spoke out opposite adopting a uniform process during Tuesday’s meeting. Concerns were wide-ranging, including gloomy students’ individuality and a additional cost of outfitting kids in propagandize uniforms and travel clothes.

“How do we consider these kids are going to feel if they’re stranded wearing a same thing all a time?” questioned primogenitor Stephanie Duncan. “We wish them to demeanour good — let them have some options.”

Her daughter, Bree Duncan, spoke out sexually opposite propagandize uniforms. The South tyro pronounced she voiced her celebrity by her clothes.

“Students won’t be comfortable,” she pronounced about a uniforms. “They won’t be means to feel like themselves in their uniforms.”

SBDM member Ron Burkins, a primogenitor with dual children during South, pronounced he appreciated a concerns of other relatives and students, though believes that adopting a uniform process will produce certain results.

“You dress for success,” he said. “I trust that.”

Reusch pronounced a propagandize might make some teenager changes to a due policy. He also pronounced it will be evaluated and tweaks can be done as needed.

People can perspective a propagandize uniform process by visiting Once during a website, corkscrew over a propagandize add-on and click on South Middle School. The uniform process is related on a page.

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