South Africa: Probe Into School Uniform Prices Must Be Extended to KZN

January 10, 2017 - School Uniform

press release

The Inkatha Freedom Party calls on a Competition Commission to safeguard that a review into South African propagandize uniform monopolies that take advantage of relatives shopping uniforms for their children is also extended to KwaZulu-Natal.

“Also here in KwaZulu-Natal a propagandize uniform prices are high and in some places relatives are forced to buy propagandize uniform from certain stores and not either they select too. We trust that this review contingency be extended since everybody contingency be means to means propagandize uniform including those who are poor,” pronounced IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson on Education, Mrs Thembeni Madlopha-Mthethwa MPL.

“Many people count on amicable grants though when we cruise propagandize uniform prices, they are some-more than a amicable grants that people receive. This formula in too many children going to propagandize but boots since their relatives can usually managed to buy a few equipment for them. It also formula in many children not going to propagandize since they do not have propagandize uniforms. The Commission contingency find out who owns these stores that sell a clothes, generally during those schools where people are forced to buy a uniform from specified stores. This has a disastrous impact on people withdrawal in farming areas since they are forced to transport prolonged distances to buy propagandize uniforms in towns and cities where many of a propagandize uniform is available. School uniforms contingency be accessible in stores closer to where people live,” continued Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa.

“We serve call on a KZN MEC of Education, Mthandeni Dlungwane to support this review by a Competition Commission. He contingency be outspoken on this matter and safeguard that no propagandize child will be released from drill usually since they don’t have a correct propagandize uniform. Every child has a right to preparation so therefore it doesn’t make clarity to follow them divided if they don’t have correct propagandize uniform but meaningful a genuine causes and a resources that resulted in that,” resolved Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa.

The IFP calls on a Competition Commission to safeguard that anyone found to be guilty in this matter contingency be punished and relatives contingency be authorised to buy propagandize uniforms during any emporium not to certain stores only.

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