Social Media Goes Berserk Over This Kerala School Uniform, Calls It ‘Vulgar’ And ‘Provocative’

June 6, 2017 - School Uniform

More than anything, India needs a electioneer opposite informative stupidity. 

In a nation where ministers censure girls’ dress as a means of rape, jeans as a means of seduction and something that’ll attract boys, and mobile phones as a critical theme of concern, something contingency be wrong. 

Recently, a Facebook user Zacharia Ponkunnam common an picture of 3 girls in their propagandize uniform and it went viral for all a wrong reasons. 

--- Zacharia Ponkunnam

— Zacharia Ponkunnam

While a propagandize competence not have suspicion about how it competence demeanour on opposite physique sizes, they were mercilessly lashed on amicable media for being too ridiculous and unwise. 

A lot of people indicted them of being ridiculous and senseless, contributing in sexualizing propagandize girls.







Interestingly, all a comments on a initial post are from men, adding coarse memes and throwing pretentious remarks. The post was common by some-more than 5,000 people in a day, mostly essay about how ridiculous a preference it was to pattern something like this. 

Meanwhile, Noushad Thekkayil filed a censure opposite a propagandize over a inappropriateness of a uniform, However, the authorities of St Alphonsa Public School didn’t see anything wrong in it and stood by their pattern of giving a go-ahead to this design.

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  • They even claimed that a picture was photoshopped and it’s approach opposite than their strange uniform. 



    Kala Shibu, a psychologist, who review a post was shocked and pronounced “The pattern is not suitable as it will make girls feel that their biggest problem is a partial of their body,“ reports The Times Of India.

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