Skinny trousers means uniform rethink during Gloucester delegate school

April 28, 2016 - School Uniform

Skinny trousers and brief skirts are out for youngsters during St Peter’s High School, who are being urged to smarten adult in time for a new propagandize year in September.

Headteacher Philip Rush has created to all relatives about a change to a girls’ propagandize skirt, and that spare trousers are criminialized for a 1,500 pupils.

St Peter’s, in Tuffley, has introduced a specific dress style, that reaches to a knee in a bid to exterminate brief skirts from a school.


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Girls and boys can select to wear trousers – though usually if they are “classic, straight-cut”.

Mr Rush says a changes will be rigorously enforced.

“School uniform is critical in compelling belonging and equality. These changes are indispensable since of a numbers of students who are now wearing skirts that do not accommodate a stream uniform regulations,” he wrote in a minute to parents.

“Our school’s repute is critical to us and to a stream and former students and we wish a students to paint us in a best probable light.”

Boys too have been flouting a school’s uniform rules.

“Some of a masculine students are now wearing trousers that do not accommodate a stream uniform regulations and that are ‘skinny’. They are also approaching to be in suitable intelligent black or grey trousers from Sep and this will also be particularly enforced,” pronounced Mr Rush.

The new propagandize dress is accessible during Trutex in Gloucester and Stroud as good as during Schooltogs in Cheltenham and will cost underneath £15.

The shops have been educated to usually sell skirts that are a smallest of 18ins in length and a hem contingency hold a center of a knee.

The propagandize council, done adult of students, chose a character of skirt.

Fiona Gittins, comparison vice-principal during St Peter’s, said: “Our propagandize uniform process is true cut classical trousers can be worn. It’s only that spare trousers are ‘in’ and other shops sell them underneath a guise of propagandize uniform.

“We are changing a propagandize skirt, as have lots of other schools,” pronounced Mrs Gittens.

“It’s a conform for brief skirts though it’s not suitable for a workplace and we try to instil that a propagandize is there as a work place and we design a students to uncover themselves and a propagandize in a best probable light.”

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