Shelby County Board of Education talks propagandize uniforms before classes start

August 2, 2016 - School Uniform

by: Tony Akins
Updated: Aug 2, 2016 – 5:42 PM


With a propagandize year roughly in full swing, some Shelby County relatives are disturbed their kids will not have a correct uniform.

Brandy Morris, a singular mom of two, told FOX13 that a back-to-school deteriorate is a struggle.

Buying a new uniform is something that she pronounced is not in a budget.

“This is a territory 8 housing that we’re in and we can’t means to buy bland necessities, how can we means uniforms?” Morris said.

Fortunately for Morris, someone donated her kids’ uniforms. But in Shelby County, her story is one that a schools see all too often.

Stephanie Love, Shelby County Board of Education, pronounced that even if kids do not have a correct uniform they should still come to propagandize and a uniforms can be dealt with when a students arrive.

“Send your child to school. We’re going to make certain that child has all that he or she needs, either it be pencil, paper, hosiery or underwear. We’re going to make certain that child’s taken caring of,” Love said.

She went on to praise teachers who infrequently puncture into their possess purses and wallets to buy a child what they need, including a uniform.

Shelby County Schools start on Aug 8. 


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