Senate Sets a Vote for 10 pm; Trump and Schumer End Private Talks With ‘Progress,’ though No Deal

January 19, 2018 - School Uniform

A comparison White House central gave a less-sunny outline of a meeting, suggesting it was “cordial” though that a extensive list of obstacles still remains.

Mr. Trump, who headed into a Situation Room for a lecture shortly after a meeting, was alone in a room with Mr. Schumer and their chiefs of staff.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a No. 2 Senate Republican, pronounced Mr. Trump’s arch of staff, John F. Kelly, had told him that no understanding had been struck during a White House meeting.

“He pronounced there were no agreements with Senator Schumer, and a boss told him to go behind and speak to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and work it out,” Mr. Cornyn told reporters.

It was misleading when — or if — a Senate would opinion on a magnitude upheld Thursday night by a House to account a sovereign supervision until Feb. 16.


Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democratic leader, returned to a Capitol on Friday after assembly with President Trump.

Erin Schaff for The New York Times

Trump-Schumer assembly worries immigration hard-liners.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spent many of a final widen of a 2016 Republican presidential primary competition warning that Donald J. Trump, afterwards a candidate, would be an dangerous Republican who, if elected, would align himself with some of a Democrats he had given income to as a New York genuine estate developer.

Democrats such as, well, Mr. Schumer.

So when Mr. Cruz was asked on his approach into a luncheon on Friday afternoon if, in light of a Trump-Schumer sit-down, he was endangered that his anticipation could bear out, he could not wholly conceal a smile.


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“I consider it would be a critical mistake to pass a vital freedom check that gave a trail to citizenship to millions of people here illegally and that continued sequence migration,” he said, clever to equivocate any pithy discuss of Mr. Trump. (There are distant fewer than a million “Dreamers” — immature immigrants brought illegally as children who are seeking insurance — though if they are eventually postulated a trail to citizenship, they could feasible unite family members abroad.)

Doing so, Mr. Cruz continued, “would be unsuitable with a promises we done to a operative organisation and women in this nation and unsuitable with a charge of a 2016 election, so we really many wish we don’t go down that road.”

Asked if he was shaken about Mr. Trump assembly with Mr. Schumer, though any congressional Republican leaders in a room, Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri was some-more succinct: “Yes.”

Jonathan Martin

White House officials summarized what might be endangered in a shutdown.

Officials during a White House Office of Management and Budget spent a past week consulting with sovereign agencies on strait skeleton in a eventuality of a shutdown, a fourth time in a past year that they have had to make such preparations.

More than 1 million active avocation troops crew will offer with no lapse, they said, though could not be paid until a shutdown ends. Agencies such as a Department of Energy that have appropriation that is not theme to annual appropriations can use that income to stay open, a officials said, and a administration is enlivening them to do so. Most imperative programs — entitlements such as Social Security that are automatically saved rather than theme to congressional appropriations — can continue though disruption.

Officials pronounced Mr. Trump might transport on Air Force One to lift out his inherent responsibilities, such as a designed outing to Davos, Switzerland, subsequent week — nonetheless it was not transparent if trips to Mar-a-Lago, his disdainful Palm Beach club, for golf and socializing, such as a one he had designed for this weekend, would tumble into that category.

Overall, a comparison officials said, a administration was operative to minimize a outcome of a shutdown on Americans. But some things will have to wait. One central pronounced there could be no work, during slightest in a brief term, on a president’s stirring check ask for 2019 as prolonged as a shutdown remained in effect.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis


What Happens When a Government Shuts Down?

The time is ticking. Without a appropriation deal, a sovereign supervision will tighten down on Jan. 20 during 12:01 a.m. But what does that meant and how does it happen?

By AINARA TIEFENTHÄLER and SARAH STEIN KERR on Publish Date January 19, 2018.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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If supervision shuts down, a troops will feel it.

The Pentagon’s superintendence for a entrance supervision shutdown pronounced that after midnight Friday, active-duty troops crew will go delinquent and a vast series of municipal crew will be furloughed.


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In a Thursday memo, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan told those in a Department of Defense that a administration “does not wish a relapse in appropriations.”

“The secretary and we wish that a Congress will pass a CR or an annual appropriations check for invulnerability activities during FY 2018,” he pronounced in a memo. “However, advantageous supervision requires that a dialect be prepared for a probability of a relapse in appropriations.”

Active-duty use members will continue operations during a shutdown both in a United States and in dispute zones. Civilians will offer if they “are required to lift out or support excepted activities,” though will also not be paid until supports are available, according to a memo.

— Thomas Gibbons-Neff

Other agencies will stay open.

Shutdown, Schmutdown.

The Environmental Protection Agency will sojourn open subsequent week even if a sovereign supervision does tighten down, Scott Pruitt, a agency’s administrator, told staff on Friday afternoon.

In a memo to employees, Mr. Pruitt sensitive a E.P.A.’s scarcely 14,000 employees that a organisation has a resources to sojourn open “for a singular volume of time” notwithstanding a shutdown. Union officials pronounced they were sensitive in a discussion call with E.P.A. care that Mr. Pruitt intends to use carry-over supports to keep a E.P.A. open, a pierce criticized by environmentalists.

The devise contradicts a agency’s official strait plan in a eventuality of a shutdown. Posted final month, a 16-page request calls for promulgation 95 percent of a organisation work force home.

The Federal Communications Commission also skeleton to stay in operation. Brian Hart, a elect spokesman, said, “In a eventuality of a prejudiced supervision shutdown, given of permitted funding, a Federal Communications Commission skeleton to sojourn open and compensate staff during slightest by a tighten of business on Friday, Jan. 26.”

— Lisa Friedman

‘Shutdown coming?’ Trump asks, as he delays Florida trip.

Mr. Trump canceled skeleton to transport to his Florida review on Friday and will stay in Washington until a spending check is passed, a White House central pronounced Friday morning.


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In an early-morning Twitter post on Friday, he put vigour on Democrats to keep a sovereign supervision open.

Marc Short, a White House legislative director, told reporters he’d final oral to a boss Thursday night and that Mr. Trump was creation calls to try to negotiate a deal. He wouldn’t contend whom Mr. Trump had called.

“We’re perplexing to keep it open,” Mr. Short said.

He added: “This is not about policy. This is about politics.”

White House check executive grows nervous.

Mick Mulvaney, who heads a White House Office of Management and Budget, pronounced a Trump administration is scheming for “what we’re job a ‘Schumer shutdown.’” Earlier Friday, Mr. Mulvaney put a odds of a shutdown during “50-50.

“We were handling underneath arrange of a 30 percent shutdown” arrogance on Thursday, he told reporters. “I consider we’re ratcheting it adult now.”

“I’m handicapping it now during some place between 50 and 60 percent.”

He added, “But again we’re formulation for it as if it’s 100 percent.”


Mick Mulvaney, a executive of a White House Office of Management and Budget, on Friday in Washington.

Al Drago for The New York Times

Mulvaney goes from shutdown inciter to supervision defender.

Mr. Mulvaney was once a ringleader of a supposed Shutdown Caucus when he helped harmonise a shuttering of a supervision in 2013 as a hard-right member of a House.

Now, as Mr. Trump’s check director, he is doing his best to avert one. At a White House lecture on Friday, Mr. Mulvaney insisted that a shutdown was not a fascinating outcome, and that distinct a final such unfolding underneath President Barack Obama in 2013, a Trump administration was doing all probable to equivocate a appropriation lapse. He pronounced that Democrats “weaponized” a shutdown behind afterwards for domestic purposes.

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The balance on Friday was many opposite from 5 years ago when it was Mr. Mulvaney who dared Democrats over appropriation for a Affordable Care Act. Mr. Mulvaney also helped spearhead a debt roof brinkmanship in 2011 over Republican final to cut Planned Parenthood funding.


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Republicans did bear many of a shortcoming for a 2013 shutdown, and Mr. Mulvaney during a time attempted to play down a outcome that a deadlock was carrying on a government.

“In many ways, then, this is a supervision ‘slowdown’ some-more than it is a shutdown,” he said.

And while Mr. Mulvaney was discerning to asperse Mr. Obama’s miss of care for a many new shutdown, he pronounced Friday that Mr. Trump should face no such censure if a shutdown happens on his watch.

“There’s no approach we can lay this during a feet of a boss of a United States,” he said.

Democrats face risks if they retard a bill.

Senate Republicans are set to exam either Democrats will make good on their guarantee to pierce a supervision toward a shutdown. But Democrats seem vigilant on securing concessions that would, among other things, strengthen from deportation immature immigrants brought to a nation illegally as children, boost domestic spending, assist Puerto Rico and accelerate a government’s response to a opioid epidemic.

And they wish that Mr. Trump, destroyed by a firestorm stirred by his vulgar, racially kaleidoscopic comments on Africa final week, will be forced behind to a negotiating table.

“Republicans control a House, they control a Senate and they control a presidency,” pronounced Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont. “The supervision stays open if they wish it to stay open, and it shuts down if they wish it to tighten down. It’s time to stop kicking a can down a highway and time to start negotiating in good faith.”

If Democrats opinion a check down, a pierce would reason definite risks. Ten Senate Democrats are using for re-election in states that Mr. Trump won in 2016, and many of those states — such as Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and West Virginia — might reason small magnetism for one of a primary causes of a appearing shutdown: safeguarding immature undocumented immigrants famous as Dreamers.

But Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, a Democratic leader, argued on Friday that her party’s antithesis to a refuge check was profitable off.

“Because of a bravery and care of congressional Democrats, a palm is severely strengthened in a negotiations” over several Democratic priorities, she wrote in a minute to colleagues.


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Ms. Pelosi had urged members of her congress to opinion opposite a refuge measure, and usually 6 House Democrats finished adult voting for it.

“Last night, House Democrats demonstrated good togetherness in expressing a values and behaving on them,” she wrote in a letter. “I am essay to appreciate we and also to demonstrate a appreciation of so many opposite a nation who have conveyed their thankfulness for a holding a clever stand.”

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Tourists during a south edge of a Grand Canyon in 2015.

Felicia Fonseca/Associated Press

Don’t worry about that Yosemite vacation.

National Parks will sojourn open even if a supervision shuts down, a Department of Interior announced Thursday in a pierce that could assistance lessen open annoy during Republicans if Congress fails to determine to a budget.

Including a Lincoln Memorial and a Grand Canyon, some-more than 400 National Park Service parks and properties have been a many manifest faces of past supervision shutdowns.

The final time Congress unsuccessful to determine on a budget, in 2013, a organisation of veterans aided by Republican lawmakers abandoned barricades during a World War II commemorative in Washington to revisit a site. In southeastern Utah, county commissioners motionless to free Natural Bridges National Monument in act of self-declared polite disobedience.

“We entirely design a supervision to sojourn open; however, in a eventuality of a shutdown, inhabitant parks will sojourn as permitted as probable while still following all germane laws and procedures,” Heather Swift, an Interior Department spokeswoman, pronounced in a statement.

She remarkable that some services that need staffing and maintenance, like campgrounds and full-service restrooms, will not operate.

“The American open and generally a veterans who come to a nation’s collateral will find fight memorials and alfresco parks open to a public,” she said.


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Jacque Simon, a open process executive for a American Federation of Government Employees, a largest sovereign worker union, pronounced sovereign workers have not nonetheless been given any instructions about how agencies devise to work or whom will be sent home if a shutdown occurs. Keeping a parks open, she said, is a intelligent domestic move.

“The White House is really unwavering of what’s renouned and what’s not, and we consider one of a noted images from a final shutdown was World War II veterans who had come to D.C. to revisit a then-relatively new World War II Memorial being incited away. It was not a good visual,” she said.

Ms. Simon pronounced a shutdown would be an “economic disaster” for sovereign employees, and pronounced she is endangered that inhabitant parks my sojourn open by a supervision profitable contractors while promulgation sovereign workers on furlough. That, she said, would volume to an bootleg privatization of a work force.

“We will be examination that really closely,” she said.

Environmental activists criticized a devise to keep open a inhabitant parks, job it dangerous to visitors as good as bootleg underneath a Anti-Deficiency Act of 1998 that mandates a supervision can’t spend supports that haven’t been appropriated.

“It’s zero some-more than a baldfaced try to obstruct Americans’ courtesy divided from a G.O.P.’s impassioned agenda,” Scott Slesinger, a legislative executive for a Natural Resources Defense Council, pronounced in a statement.

— Lisa Friedman

The I.R.S. would take a shutdown strike during a terrible time.

Mr. Trump has warned that a supervision shutdown could blunt a outcome of his taxation cuts, and he could have a point.

Tax filing deteriorate starts in reduction than dual weeks, and if Congress does not strech a appropriation deal, a Internal Revenue Service, that has been swamped with work perplexing to lift out a new taxation law, would take a large hit. That could take a fee on a taxation collection agency’s ability to safeguard a well-spoken transition and understanding with a tsunami of questions entrance from confused taxpayers.

About 56 percent of I.R.S. employees would be sent home in a eventuality of a shutdown.

That comes during a time when a organisation is already understaffed, carrying mislaid 21,000 full-time employees given 2010 as a check has dwindled.

— Alan Rappeport

The error lines over a understanding aren’t quite partisan.

While many Republicans in a Senate are expected to opinion to keep a supervision open and many Democrats will conflict that, there are several factions involved. Have a demeanour during who wants what »


These Factions in Congress, Split Over ‘Dreamers,’ Could Lead to Government Shutdown

A understanding to equivocate shutting a sovereign supervision hinges on Senate Democrats, and some Republicans, who wish to embody protections for immature undocumented immigrants.

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