Secret Teacher: My uniform-mad propagandize is putting character over substance

January 21, 2017 - School Uniform

My propagandize is in a center of a vast pull on uniform. It’s always this approach when a new year starts; we have a expostulate on lots of things, many of that are long-forgotten by a time we get to summer. We don’t seem to be vouchsafing go this year though. Uniform has unequivocally dismissed adult a comparison care group – so most so that there is always someone prowling a gates in a morning to check that a students are dressed appropriately.

I know a arguments for and opposite uniform. we can see why, in some cases, it can be a good idea. At best, it can be a badge of honour, a pointer of belonging to a nurturing village that you’re blissful to be a partial of. It can be a discerning approach to brand others who belong, and is a compose for a unconstrained existential crises of image-conscious teenagers who feel that they have zero to wear. But we can’t assistance meditative that we’re holding it too far.

Now when students come into propagandize any morning, they are greeted not with a comfortable acquire though a vast list of criminialized apparatus and a sign of a consequences if they are found to be with them. For many, this early-morning frisking sets a day up, understandably, in an impossibly disastrous way. Hoodies are forbidden, as are certain forms of trousers and footwear. Headphones are criminialized (which creates training subjects like languages and song really difficult, interjection to a stream appropriation conditions and miss of equipment).

We make a outrageous bitch about these apparatus and even send students home to change if they are wrongly attired. Looks are some-more critical than learning, it seems. And so this is a summary that we are flitting on to these immature people: what we demeanour like matters some-more than what we do or who we are. This is both deleterious and limiting.

I spent my whole career in schools that have been labelled as “challenging”, though there has always been a regard towards students from staff, who try to make a disproportion in whatever ways they can. When we began training 15 years ago, we focused on creation certain that a students looked presentable, and were versed for their training days. But a manners on uniform were some-more loose – a propagandize sweatshirt and dress or trousers of a certain colour, dim footwear. The child with distance 14 feet was authorised to wear his trainers, given we knew that his family couldn’t means to buy him some-more than one span of shoes.

I’ve beheld a change in this opinion holding place given my propagandize became an academy, and we feel a dual are linked. As we watch my propagandize turn some-more and some-more corporate – a widespread of people in similar-looking suits doing critical things in offices – we consternation if a values of a business universe are matched to education.

Businesses are mostly faceless and cold. They are endangered with creation profit. But educators don’t see a universe that way: as a contention we provide all as equals, and see a intensity in everyone, regardless of their circumstances. It feels like we are losing steer of this with a academy model.

Fixating on a length of a span of trousers or a right kind of boots seems demonstrative of a top-down complement that wants to make everybody a same, to shake people out with identikit education and training that don’t need a doubt mind.

At a start of each educational year, we set myself a one-line goal matter for my teaching. It always involves a wish that my pupils will see by what they are presented with, ask questions and demeanour to go deeper. Through questioning, low training occurs.

Surely if we accommodate immature people where they are and concede them to take honour in aspects of their identity, we will find ourselves in a improved place to promote a training we contend we concentration on? Instead, by promulgation such despotic messages about uniform, we are mirroring a fact that we value character over substance; a unhappy state of affairs.

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