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February 8, 2016 - School Uniform

Watching a Volusia County School Board wrestling with a new propagandize uniforms process reminds me of when we lay in front of a TV during home with remote in hand, scrolling by hundreds of channels. we consider we wish to watch something, though we can’t decide. After several mins of dispatch programs that aren’t interesting, or last I’m not prepared to make a two-hour commitment, we customarily breeze adult going upstairs to bed to review for awhile or sleep.

Likewise, it’s time for a house to stop spinning a wheels and generating dispute on an emanate that is not essential to a district’s mission.

After months of contemplating relatives and teachers and debating either to reinstate a district’s stream dress formula with imperative uniforms, house members fabricated on Jan. 26 to expel a final opinion on a policy. Alas, they voted 4-1 usually to supplement blue jeans to a list of excusable garments — that includes polo shirts, pants, shorts, capris, skorts or jumpers in authorized colors — loitering a final opinion on a full process for a after date.

Then, a week later, Board Vice Chairwoman Melody Johnson, who had done a suit to embody light denim, had second thoughts and announced it was a mistake. And a 3 other members who voted for blue jeans also pronounced they wanted to recur a move.

I’ve seen greased pig contests that were some-more coordinated.

The volume of time and appetite being spent on this emanate exceeds a intensity benefits. Indeed, a investigate on district-wide uniform policies is perplexed — there is no constrained justification that sauce students comparison improves safety, assemblage or academics. Sometimes it seems to, infrequently it doesn’t.

Not usually is a motive for a change lacking in substance, a house can’t seem to figure out what it wants. It only knows it doesn’t wish to say a stream dress code, that has been inconsistently enforced. So members get hung adult on sartorial deliberations: Black denim is OK, though blue denim? That’s a tough one. Thumbs adult — no, wait, thumbs down. Maybe.

The house has done an groundless box that those issues are critical to improving a C-rated propagandize district, and a indecisiveness on such bagatelle doesn’t enthuse many certainty in a leadership.

Nevertheless, a house is dynamic to impel a process down everyone’s throats, over a objections of about half a families influenced by it. Some of a critique has been over a tip — no, a district isn’t apropos a gulag — though a bottom line is that a district has deficient buy-in from a public. Board members figure that eventually many people will learn to accept it in a integrate of years.

And inaugurated officials consternation because a open has such low courtesy for government.

Rather than exercise a one-size-fits-all process for a whole district, because not give any propagandize a choice of determining either to adopt uniforms as many other districts in Florida do?

At a Jan. 12 house meeting, Chairwoman Ida Wright addressed a 3 mothers — who are from Port Orange, DeLand and Ormond Beach — who have led a antithesis to uniforms. Wright, whose district includes Daytona Beach, pronounced she hears “from neighborhoods of people who have totally opposite opinions” than a opponents. She pronounced a internal section of a NAACP and several pastors in her district support uniforms.

Let any propagandize and a village it serves select a methods they trust will encourage a best training environment. All a district should unequivocally caring about is either schools are protected and behaving good academically. State and internal governments already have a parsimonious hold on curriculum and testing. Leave some room for schools to tailor dress codes to safeguard they are a right fit for their clientele.


— Kent is The News-Journal’s Opinion page editor. His email is His phone series is 386-681-2248. Follow him on Twitter @DBNJskent. Read his blog “Current Wisdom” during

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