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August 19, 2016 - School Uniform

Parents and children swarming into a cafeteria during Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School on Thursday afternoon to get new propagandize uniforms — ones with prolonged pants and long-sleeved shirts dictated to strengthen opposite a widespread of Zika.


Some mothers waited anxiously, others calmly, for propagandize district vouchers they could sell for dual pairs of khaki pants and dual long-sleeved white shirts during one of a uniform vendors stationed outward a building. At one finish of a cafeteria, Florida Department of Health officials handed out insect repellent and information on how to forestall butterfly bites.

Chiquita Myers, whose 10-year-old son Lavaris will be entering fifth category during Eneida Hartner on Monday, pronounced she was endangered about Zika before she perceived a content summary from a district progressing in a day observant that her son could get giveaway protecting rigging during a school.

“He’s unequivocally prepared. He has his butterfly repellent and his prolonged sleeves. He has his jackets,” she said.

But outward a cafeteria, in a line to sell a vouchers for uniforms, Rosa Contrera pronounced she was still disturbed about a virus. Contrera and her 5 children recently changed to Florida from Rhode Island and were not awaiting to face a hazard of a pleasant illness in further to a common jitters of starting classes during a new school.

Contrera has been monitoring her children for any signs of a fever, one of a symptoms of Zika. “The other day, we took my kids to a park and my son was feeling a small warm,” Contrera said. “Oh my gosh, we couldn’t nap that night. It’s scary.”

School residence member Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, who represents schools inside a Zika delivery zone, pronounced many relatives in her district are endangered about promulgation their kids behind to propagandize in a influenced area.

“They are a small bit panicky, though they shouldn’t be, since we are here to strengthen them,” she said.

Bendross-Mindingall is enlivening relatives to use “tough love” and to make certain their children don’t leave a residence but protecting clothing, even if they criticism since of a heat.

Over 200 Miami-Dade families with children attending propagandize in a Wynwood area perceived long-sleeved shirts and pants. The district also handed out uniforms during Phillis Wheatley Elementary and will be distributing some-more wardrobe on Friday during Jose de Diego Middle School between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The uniforms are accessible to children attending any of a 6 open schools within or immediately outward a influenced area, along with students during circuitously Frederick Douglass Elementary School. The 6 schools are:

▪ Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary, 505 NW 20th Street

▪ Jose de Diego Middle, 3100 NW Fifth Avenue

▪ Eneida M. Hartner Elementary, 401 NW 29th Street

▪ Phillis Wheatley Elementary, 1801 NW First Place

▪ Design and Architecture Senior High, 4001 NE Second Avenue

▪ Young Men’s Preparatory Academy, 3001 NW Second Avenue

Mercedes Cabrera, a mom of dual children who will go behind to propagandize in a Zika hazard zone, pronounced she is “not really” disturbed that they will get a virus. She skeleton to dress her daughter, who will be starting initial category during Eneida Hartner, in leggings and make certain that her son, shortly to be a seventh-grader during Jose de Diego, wears long-sleeved shirts to class.

Cabrera is some-more endangered about her unborn child. She is 8 months’ profound and has been perplexing to stay inside as most as probable during a final month of her pregnancy. Cabrera took a urine exam for Zika several weeks ago, around a time a initial locally widespread cases of a pathogen were reported in Miami.

The service when a exam formula came behind negative, Cabrera said, was “like we didn’t get cancer.”

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