Schools are clamping down on muck-up day celebrations.

October 14, 2016 - School Uniform

Schools are clamping down on muck-up day celebrations.

SECONDARY schools are clamping down on normal finish of Year 12 “muck-up day” celebrations in an bid to rein in a high-jinx, with one even putting a anathema on jester costumes.

Another propagandize has criminialized masks, following a new phenomenon that has seen people dressed as clowns while brandishing weapons to shock people.

And Geelong College yesterday sent a minute to a Year 12 students revelation them to done certain they wore a scold propagandize uniform for a subsequent dual days, including “correct boots and socks”.

Geelong College’s muck-up day celebrations now engage an outing to a Geelong indoor trampoline centre instead of a common school-based antics.

The Geelong Advertiser understands some Geelong College students have been in difficulty already this week for sauce adult rather than wearing propagandize uniform.

The widespread changes come after Christian College done inhabitant headlines last year when 3 Year 12 boys landed a helicopter on a propagandize oval in a fantastic muck-up day stunt.

The act stirred a propagandize to examination a end-of-year festivities and effectively anathema muck-up day.

Christian College principal Glen McKeeman pronounced this year’s final hand would embody a breakfast for students and teachers, fun awards “voted and presented by students, for students” and a final toll of a bell in a Clock Tower.

Muck-up day, rebranded by a series of schools as “celebration day”, has traditionally been a time when students were available to dress adult in crazy costumes, play pranks on teachers and other students and mangle a propagandize rules, to applaud a finish of 13 years of school.

Once on a time, clowns in cinema and radio were kid-friendly and loveable. Well things have changed. WSJ’s Don Steinberg reports. Photo: Getty Images.

But a series of schools, including St Joseph’s College, Kardinia International College and North Geelong Secondary College now report their graduation rite in a dusk to extent a event for effect once off-site and keep a festivities contained to only one day so students can fast spin their courtesy behind to study.

While Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College students are again available to dress adult and put on a concert, a propagandize has singular a volume of streamers and confetti to support with a clean-up.

Fellow all-girls propagandize Clonard College has confirmed a normal module though has placed a anathema on jester costumes in light of new “scary clown” events.

“The girls’ thesis is childhood memories … though we’ve done it transparent that there is to be no clowns scaring any of a younger students,” VCE co-ordinator Tania Anticev said.

“We ask them to be aware of other people and deferential and not repairs anything and we’ve never had a problem.”

Newcomb Secondary’s final day includes a lunch during Jan Juc and St Joseph’s College Year 12 co-ordinator Dan Hale pronounced boys during his propagandize would not be available to wear masks this year.

“They also have to finish their village use and they need to be adult to date with all their work to be means to attend so it’s a payoff for them to be means to be included,” he said. “The format of a day has developed over a series of years. It’s a day of jubilee rather than mucking up.”

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