School uniforms probable in Volusia County

October 14, 2015 - School Uniform

The Volusia County School Board took adult a emanate of propagandize uniforms during a house assembly Tuesday night.

It’s a huffy emanate among relatives and students.

The district did a consult final month involving students, teachers and parents. The consult will be partial of what propagandize house members will take into consideration.

“I would like them. It would be good for a kids to be all dressed for a same thing, and there’s no worries about shoulder lengths or a lengths of their shorts,” Spring Walton said.

“I feel it’s too restricting for kids this age. High propagandize level, we know since some-more of them try to get divided with some-more stuff. But as distant as elementary, we feel they should be means to wear anything as prolonged as it’s appropriate,” Joelean Collins said.

Out of some-more than 21,000 respondents, 49 percent of people pronounced they were in preference of uniforms and 47 percent pronounced they were not. About 4 percent pronounced they have no opinion.

Those who are against to uniforms pronounced there’s no personal choice, a district already has a dress code, and there is a cost.

“Overwhelmingly, as we would expect, students were not in preference of a uniform, though a teachers and relatives are,” pronounced Nancy Wait of Volusia County Schools.

School house members were presented with a findings.

“This would not be implemented this propagandize year,” Wait said. “It would be for a 2016-17 propagandize year. If they confirm to pierce brazen with it, we will need to rise that process over a subsequent integrate of months and afterwards move it behind to a propagandize house for dual open hearings. So a final open hearing, we think, would be around February. And during both of those meetings, a open would have an event to yield input.”

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