School uniforms not expected for Washington County

March 25, 2015 - School Uniform

CHIPLEY – Washington County students and relatives have been buzzing with conjecture that a propagandize district is deliberation implementing propagandize uniforms; however, officials contend they are simply creation a process uniform, rather than a students’ clothing.

“People hear a word ‘uniform’ and automatically assume a word references a set of clothing,” explained Washington County School Superintendent Joseph Taylor. “We’re simply articulate about creation a process some-more uniform and tying certain forms of clothing. We’re not deliberation tangible propagandize uniforms. “

The dress formula emanate came adult in contention when Washington County School Board members met in a new seminar session.

Rather than requiring students to wear uniforms, house members discussed a probability of tightening propagandize process so that wardrobe styles are some-more uniform. Board members advise a movement could lead to fewer dress formula associated fortify issues. Some suggestions could embody requiring t-shirts and jeans to be plain colors and mandating that all shorts be knee-length, changing from a stream “finger-tip” length rule.

“We’re simply reviewing stream dress formula process and deliberation creation some changes,” pronounced Taylor.

The propagandize house is approaching to residence a emanate again in another seminar and will reason a open conference before creation any changes to a policy.

The Washington County School Board will accommodate again in unchanging event Monday, Apr 13.

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