School uniforms – only how dear are they?

November 13, 2016 - School Uniform

The cost of drill is a theme that never gets aged in a UAE. But aside from large cost fees, many relatives feel cornered into digging even deeper when it comes to additional costs like propagandize trips, ride and uniforms.

A consult progressing this year reported that some ostracise relatives are spending as most as Dh550,000 in fees via a child’s drill life.

And when Khaleej Times spoke to relatives here, a large bug bear was a cost of propagandize uniforms.

British silent DR has dual daughters, aged 12 and 16. Aside from their annual cost price that sets her behind between Dh74,000 and Dh80,000 a year, she is spending a serve Dh3,000+ on uniforms, per child.

“We have had to squeeze whole new uniforms 3 years in a quarrel now. That’s since a propagandize altered a uniform colour, and another year it motionless to change a retailer and style.”

Although she tries to buy as few as possible, DR still ends adult purchasing 3 pairs of trousers/skirts (Dh80 each) 5 shirts (Dh82 each) and dual jumpers (Dh110 each) among others, any year.

If a event arose to annul uniforms, DR pronounced she would burst during it.

For mom of two, NMV, her normal yearly spend on uniforms is between Dh2,500 and Dh3,000.

“That’s an additional Dh6,000 any year for both kids,” she said.

With a despotic process in her children’s propagandize that requires all womanlike students to have certain equipment in tow, she pronounced a value for income aspect is only not value it.

“The peculiarity is not value a price, though we can’t see uniforms being abolished here.”

Speaking to Khaleej Times, primogenitor Kubra Wajid pronounced uniform suppliers are cashing in here.

For her dual children, her normal output on uniforms (per child, any year) is Dh1,400. But this can rise.

“The uniform gets altered when students pierce from kindergarten to primary classes, so that impacts on costs for parents,” she said.

To assistance revoke a uniform costs, Wajid pronounced schools could mislay manners around boots with propagandize logos; exercise manners where pattern of a propagandize uniform can't be altered often; have elementary uniforms giveaway from accessories like belts and ties; and use darker shades for improved maintenance.

Call to action

Some schools here are implementing several cost options to assistance abate a financial weight on parents.

Gems schools have a cost devise where relatives can select to compensate in monthly, quarterly and annual terms.

And additionally it has introduced a ‘Refer-A-Friend’ programme, where primogenitor recommendations are rewarded with disdainful discounts on fees.

At Greenfield Community School, Dubai, Principal Andy Wood pronounced relatives spend an normal of Dh1,500 on uniforms any year.

But those creation use of uniforms for some-more than one year in a quarrel spend about Dh600 per child on additional items, yearly.

“Many do make use of a second palm uniform emporium to save costs too,” he said.

Kelly Clarke

Originally from a UK, Kelly Clarke assimilated Khaleej Times in Nov 2012. She has a penetrating seductiveness in charitable issues and took over as a dedicated Education Reporter in Aug 2016. In her gangling time she loves to transport off a beaten track, and mostly write about her quirky practice of pastures new. Kelly perceived her BA Honours in Journalism from Middlesex University, UK in 2008. Before fasten Khaleej Times she worked as a Supervising Editor for 3 Healthcare titles in London. @KellyAnn_Clarke

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