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February 11, 2015 - School Uniform


As a catwalk goes classroom, what would a Fashion Team choose?

BY Ellie Pithers, Alice Newbold, Bibby Sowray, Sophie Warburton, Katy Young
11 Feb 2015

Ellie PIthers wears Raincoat £92 John Lewis; Jeans £195 Rag  Bone; Boots £75 Topshop;

Ellie PIthers wears Raincoat £92 John Lewis; Jeans £195 Rag Bone; Boots £75 Topshop;

School uniform? On entirely grown women? Bear with us. The basic elements of classroom dress were all over a catwalks for spring/summer 2015: silken suede trenchcoats during Burberry; kilts during Joseph, cricket jumpers during Preen and hosiery during Jil Sander – and gingham and tartan everywhere.

That’s not a large widen for many of us, who never utterly shake off a dependency on a daily uniform of sorts. The catwalk incarnations are utterly lustworthy, But being inherently spare forms we wanted to see how distant we could replicate a catwalk chronicle by sourcing a genuine thing. Cast from your mind those memories of frumpy, lumpy jumpers and ill-fitting pinafores, creatively purchased in outrageous sizes by frugal mothers who afterwards regretted their economy when we insisted on wearing them until they had reached micro length. Forget a “brown coat, brownish-red hat, orange ribbon, and a brownish-red tunic underneath with an orange belt” of Malory Towers; a yellow and purple badge of a Grange Hill uniform.

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Instead, weigh equipment on their possess merits. Which is how we found ourselves in a John Lewis propagandize uniform dialect cooing over Marni-esque ribbed hosiery and Girl Guide neck-ties (very Miu Miu pre-fall). Admittedly, there is a excellent art to wearing propagandize uniform and creation it demeanour as yet we have dressed with grown-up resourcefulness rather than sentimental desperation. Exercise restraint: some-more than one object will make we demeanour like mutton dressed as Milly Molly Mandy. Think about sizing. If you’re wearing a pleated skirt, keep it prolonged and loose; if you’re tempted by a cricket jumper, wear it oversized and slouchy. Steer transparent of Mary Janes and purse bags, and keep a vicious eye on a cut since nonetheless fabrics in a propagandize dialect are built to last, shapes can be a bit too utilitarian. Here’s a news on a class of ’15.

ELLIE PITHERS (main picture)

When we was a lanky adolescent, we found my uniform utterly soothing. A neat gingham shirt, a bottle immature pinafore, an tingling V‑neck jumper, a blazer with a design of daisies and a garment proudly flashy with pins represented sequence and routine. we wasn’t so penetrating on a bottle-green nap tights. But all else was calming in a guarantee of conformity. Perhaps that’s since we now customarily ride to pleated nap skirts in navy and grey, sober-coloured blazers, cricket jumpers, glossy loafers and knee-length socks. And why, when faced with a conform sideboard full of propagandize uniforms, we picked this overcoat – close on relating to a one we wore during my all-girls propagandize in north-west London. It has a detachable hood, that we fast private for fear of looking too Enid Blyton, though interconnected with jeans and heeled boots, we consider it looks utterly understated. Or maybe it’s serve justification of a entrenched librarian complex.


Katy wears shirt £39 Hobbs; Skirt £49 John Lewis; Courts £149 Jigsaw;; and right, Joseph spring/summer 2015

After roughly 20 years avoiding anything that resembled my aged propagandize uniform, fashion’s dictating that it’s now fine again. So, we motionless to give it a whirl, in accurately a same dress we wore for 7 years in a stadium – and we favourite it.

Just as it had finished behind during school, a grey flannel pleated figure was gentle and easy to wear, in that it goes with flattering most anything, utterly a denim shirt that is one of my robe staples. Good to know, too, that it’s machine-washable and will withstand a exam of London Underground grime, and all on a budget.

Best of all, it’s now fine to practice my rebel side by pairing it with a brightly phony heels we always longed to wear – and all though any pointer of a detention.


Sophie wears jumper £23.95 – £25.95 Perry Uniform; Skirt £90 Ganni; Socks £8.95 Perry Uniform; Sandals £55 Topshop;; and right, Jil Sander spring/summer 2015

As a child we took honour in my tartan brushed-cotton dresses and make certain that my blazer was sufficient accessorised during all times. we longed for a ”new season” when we could container divided a winter tenure cardy and navy socks, in foster of my string pinstripe dress and white, trademark Aertex. I’ve not been means to flog a robe of propagandize uniform. we still wear my dad’s propagandize cricket jumper and buy all my hosiery from a propagandize dialect during MS – during £5 for 5 pairs, we can’t hit it.

For someone who loves a thought of uniform, we found this fire remarkably challenging, not only since we hatred carrying my sketch taken. The shirts were scratchy, and a skirts cut poorly for anyone with any emergence of hips. After a good rummage, we staid on a newness sock, and a relating propagandize jumper. A cut-price loyalty to Marni and reassuringly unsexy, this is a discord to a disobedient schoolgirl.


Bibby wears jumper £25 Grey-Nicholls during John Lewis; Jeans £32.99 ASOS Petite; Heels £29.99 Zara;; and right, Preen spring/summer 2015

As someone who creates their vital waxing musical about a latest conform trends, we maybe wouldn’t design me to have desired propagandize uniform utterly as most as we did. I’m not even a smidgen broke to acknowledge it: we never even felt a need to overstate or personalise my uniform. we favourite my navy blazer, white shirt and grey dress to be neat and regulation. A rolled-up waistband to digest my hem was about as rebel as it got.

My eagerness to play by a manners behind afterwards has seeped into my adult life. These days we crave for a palliate my propagandize uniform afforded, when perplexed early morning wardrobe crises simply didn’t exist. So, nonetheless we write about and conclude trends, we don’t hearing them myself. we cite to hang to what we know: my really possess grown-up uniform of spare denim and an oversized knit, frequency loath from a palette of cream, grey, navy and black (sound familiar?). Thus, a common cricket jumper was an easy choice for me – simple, slouchy and easy to wear. It’s really thick nap and utterly complicated – substantially a pain to rinse – though really comfortable and ideal for stylish walks in a park.


Alice wears sweater £69 La Redoute; Skirt £36.95 to £38.95 Perry Uniform; Heels £215 Rebecca Minkoff;; and right, MiuMiu spring/summer 2015

My abounding red propagandize blazer, that looked so desirable interconnected with a straw boater and frail white shirt dress, mislaid a glamour equivalent opposite a mandatory greys during comparison school. NB: A loud, boxy coupler does zero for a teen’s certainty interconnected with a mid-calf length dress and knee-high hosiery of a same pallid hue.In that scratchy dress we longed for a frock with pleats that would scrub out and give a emergence of femininity. Last year, when J W Anderson enclosed kilts in his plug collection for Topshop, we snapped one adult in both lengths. So, notwithstanding my ungainly status (I frequency wear heels and was sincerely unwavering of my hands) it was second inlet to select this tartan skirt. we attempted my best – after all, a kilt, is a kilt, is a kilt. But we have to be high and quirky to get a best out of this, that isn’t a patch on a J W Topshop one and not as luxe as a MiuMiu , though afterwards it’s £37.

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