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August 9, 2015 - School Uniform

DELAND – Volusia County students could be wearing uniforms as shortly as a 2016-17 propagandize year.

All 5 School Board members contend they wish to plead a probability of a uniform policy, citing reasons trimming from heavy bullying to improving campus security. They’ll plead a matter during a subsequent unchanging house assembly on Tuesday. 

“What we am meddlesome in meaningful is if there are studies that uncover alleviation in educational feat or if (a uniform policy) has had an outcome on nuisance or bullying,” Chairwoman Linda Costello said. 

Volusia officials final severely deliberate implementing uniforms in 2011, though motionless to set a countywide dress formula instead. None of a stream house members were in bureau then.

The stream process bans hats and divulgence items. Shorts, skirts and dresses, for example, contingency be during slightest mid-thigh or longer. Volusia schools reported 1,199 dress formula violations during a past propagandize year. That’s down from 1,966 violations during a 2012-13 propagandize year. 

But house members contend they see risqué wardrobe on their campuses. Vice Chairwoman Ida Wright broached a thought of uniforms during a new assembly , observant that “what is arm length on one immature lady is not indispensably arm length on another immature lady.”

She suggested initial perplexing uniforms during Daytona Beach’s Campbell Middle, that is already undergoing poignant changes for a arriving propagandize year. The school, that has suffered from steadfastly low exam scores and high numbers of staff vacancies, has a new set of administrators and teachers were asked to reapply for their jobs.

“I unequivocally consider we would adore for us to use Campbell as a commander program,” Wright said. “I consider if we unequivocally wish to change a culture, not usually during Campbell, though in a district, we need to unequivocally start looking during a critical uniform policy.”

Board member Melody Johnson favourite a thought of regulating Campbell as a exam bed. She pronounced she feels expertise members onslaught to tackle dress formula violations on tip of other some-more dire matters, and implementing a uniform process would assistance palliate a burden.

Requiring students to wear uniforms should also assistance keep students focused on academics and discharge apparent disparities between haves and have-nots.

“I do consider your some-more bankrupt kids will feel like they’re on equal balance if they demeanour like a really rich (kids) subsequent to them,” Johnson said.

Florida lawmakers changed this open to inspire propagandize districts to need uniforms for students in kindergarten by eighth grade. The new law, called a Students Attired for Education Act, offers an additional $10 per tyro for districts that adopt policies that demarcate “certain forms or styles of clothing” and need plain collared tops and bottoms and collared shirts.  

Flagler School Board members motionless in 2012 to need students to wear polo shirts in school-specified colors, though motionless in May to relax a process by permitting high propagandize students to wear striped and plaid shirts as well.

Board member Linda Cuthbert, a late high propagandize teacher, pronounced a infancy of a fortify issues in her classroom were associated to clothing. Issues ranged from t-shirts with inapt messages to wardrobe that was too revealing. She felt worried addressing a matter with masculine students, and masculine teachers mostly feel a same approach with womanlike students.

Cuthbert pronounced she’d wish to pronounce with expertise before commendatory a uniform policy, though as a teacher, she would’ve upheld one.

“Clothing has always been a heavy mark for teachers and administrators since there has to be a certain dress formula and, generally during a high propagandize level, kids are always contrast a limit,” she said. 

Board member John Hill pronounced he’s a “full proponent,” of uniforms, observant he recently saw a high propagandize child wearing a t-shirt depicting a stripper on a pole. Clamping down on students’ clothing, he said, could assistance encourage honour between students and teachers. 

“If we demeanour around during other propagandize districts that have ingrained a uniform policy, it decreases bullying in a classroom,” Hill said. 

A uniform policy, he said, could also accelerate confidence since it would be easy for staff to mark people who shouldn’t be in a building.

“Anyone could flattering most travel on any campus right now and nobody would call we out unless we were looking really suspicious,” he said. 


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