School uniforms can be mandatory, Peel District School Board says

November 24, 2015 - School Uniform

In a pierce that will greatfully relatives though dissapoint some of their children, the Peel District School Board voted Monday night to give a high schools a choice to require students to wear uniforms.

The Board said a preference had a support of 75 per cent of parents.

But Sarah Colvin, a Grade 10 tyro during Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton, has a really opposite view.

“I don’t like wearing uniforms. It sucks,” Colvin told CBC News Monday.

A commander plan requiring students to wear uniforms began during Colvin’s school in 2014..

Students during Central Peel could choose some multiple of a white or dim green, short- or long-sleeve collared shirt; a cardigan or pullover sweater; and black dress pants, shorts with during slightest a 20-centimetre inseam or dress with a hemline during slightest 2.5 centimetres next a knee to wear to school.

At a time, the school’s former principal who oversaw a start of a year-long commander project, Lawrence DeMaeyer, pronounced relatives regularly asked for uniforms.

Some students disagree

But other students agree with Colvin.

“I hatred that I’d have to demeanour like everybody else,” one tyro said. “I’d wish to wear my clothes, my particular clothes.”

Another teen who spoke to CBC News concluded that uniforms extent students’ individuality.

“What we wear reflects who we are. So … when we wear uniforms it’s roughly like you’re holding that clarity of, like, who that chairman is divided from them.”

But a propagandize house says it has seen improvements in attendance, there’s been a improved clarity of propagandize village and it’s increasing self venerate among students during Central Peel. 

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