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August 20, 2014 - School Uniform

Parents are branch their behind on high travel stores and streamer to supermarkets to buy their children new propagandize uniform.

With customarily a week to go until a finish of a summer holidays, families opposite a nation are creation certain pupils demeanour correct and correct forward of a initial day of term.

And latest investigate has found that relatives are favoring a likes of Aldi and Asda to equivocate profitable thousands of pounds over a march of a child’s propagandize life.

They claimed a peculiarity was as good, if not better, and their income stretched further.

Listing site quizzed mums and dads on how most they spent on high travel and supermarket uniform to symbol a commencement of a new propagandize year.

Parents of comparison propagandize children pronounced they design to spend an normal of £311 any year on their off-springs uniform, that over 5 years totals £1,555.

In contrast, relatives with children during tot and juniors shelled out £146.50 per propagandize year, or £879 during their 6 years of drill during this age.

The biggest costs for both age groups were on equipment like boots and coats. At comparison school, a blazer was another large outgoing.

Asked either they bought a uniform in one go, or purchased over a 6 week holiday, customarily over a third (34%) concluded that they bought a uniform a bit during a time to widespread a cost.

A orator for said: “All relatives accept that each year they’re going to have to flare out on uniform. When we have a integrate of kids in propagandize it can be a dear time so it’s no consternation mums are shunning costly retailers and shopping uniform during most cheaper prices.

“It is critical to bear in mind that these won’t be a customarily cost via a educational year – propagandize trips, deputy uniform and content books all supplement to a flourishing costs of schooling.”

School Uniform comparison : 6 year aged twins, Emily and Henry Boothroyd of Whitchurch, are pictured, Emily is wearing Marks and Spencer and Henry is wearing Aldi Uniform
School Uniform comparison : 6 year aged twins, Emily and Henry Boothroyd of Whitchurch, are pictured, Emily is wearing Marks and Spencer and Henry is wearing Aldi Uniform


But what do relatives think? And where are a best places to emporium for uniform? Mum-of-three Zoe Boothroyd, whose children William, 10, and six-year-old twins Henry and Emily go to Whitchurch Primary helped us put uniforms to a test.



Trousers or dress £1.50 each

A sweater or polo shirt £1.25

Blouses £1.25


Zoe says: “I am indeed utterly astounded by a peculiarity of this uniform. It is not a best, yet it was a lot improved than we expected. The trousers are indeed utterly thick and a good size. The polo shirt is unequivocally thin, yet what do we design for £1.25? My categorical emanate with this would be that they will not always have them in store. You would have to be propitious to spin adult and find them there. we like to be means to go behind somewhere to get things we like and we don’t consider we will be means to do that with Aldi.”


Marks Spencer

Cardigan – £9 to £15

Jumper – £8 to £14

2 Pack Polo Shirts – £7

Skirt – £8

Trousers – £9


Zoe says: “I have shopped for uniform in Marks and Spencer before and been unequivocally gratified with them. They are good quality, rinse good and are a good fit since we can get them in opposite sizes. we am a small unhappy with a trousers yet since they are a bit glossy and are utterly large for a age. They contend they are non-iron, yet we always finish adult carrying to iron them anyway. The skirt, however, is a poetic figure and looks good and a polo shirts rinse well.”


John Lewis

White propagandize blouse – £8

Two child propagandize shirts – £7

Pack of dual white polo shirts – £5

Pack of dual lady white polo shirts – £8

Cardigan – £11

Tunic dress – £15

School dress – £9

Trousers – £8


Zoe says: “You can tell these are good quality, yet we are profitable a cost for that and when we have some-more than one child it customarily works out too expensive. The tunic dress is a poetic shape, yet it is not entirely lined and we would have to buy some-more than one, that ends adult some-more than £30. The polo shirts, however, are good value for income during £5 for two. They rinse good and we know that they will final for a prolonged time. The trousers are good and thick and there is copiousness of hem that we could let down if we indispensable to. The dress during £9 is not utterly a good quality, yet it is a good shape.”



Pack of dual pinafores £8 to £12

Pack of 3 polos £6 to £9

Pack of dual skirts £6 to £12

Pack of dual trousers £6 to £12

Pack of dual sweatshirts £4 to £12


Zoe says: “I don’t unequivocally consider of Sainsbury’s for garments since there is not one all that tighten by, yet we am utterly impressed. we like a fact that a lot of this uniform comes in packs of dual or threes and they are unequivocally good value for money. You apparently need some-more than one uniform, so carrying it as a container is a good idea. we unequivocally like a character of a pinafore dress. The heart figure on a zip is a unequivocally good touch. The trousers are a small on a brief side and a element is utterly hard, yet they are tractable and we am certain that they will rinse utterly well. On a whole we am utterly impressed.”



Zoe says: “With 3 children to fit out we have to demeanour for a best value. Also, generally with a boys, they tend to remove pieces of uniform and come behind with sand stains on their knees, so we don’t wish to compensate a lot of money. we am utterly astounded that a Aldi uniform is improved than we suspicion it would be, yet would be formidable to get reason of in store. The supermarket uniforms routinely work out best for value and a peculiarity is customarily OK.”

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