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July 8, 2015 - School Uniform

Requiring Duval County facile and center propagandize students to wear uniforms won’t solve a district’s challenges.

But it could mislay some of a distractions that habit mostly causes on a daily basement in Duval schools, from some students wearing inapt equipment to others being bullied and ridiculed since they can’t means a latest habit trends.

So Duval County School Board members should provide an intriguing offer from district Superintendent Nikolai Vitti with a larger clarity of coercion than they have so far.

Recently, Vitti suggested a district take advantage of a new state module that gives income incentives to districts that need facile and center propagandize students to wear propagandize uniforms.

Duval could potentially accept $700,000 from a incentives program, Vitti said, though a district would have to approve a uniform routine by this tumble and start requiring kids to wear them in January.

This would mislay a divisive emanate (clothing) and collect a prerogative (state money) in a process.

It’s a intensity win-win scenario.


But a district’s School Board members have shown small genuine ardour to seize a moment.

They flatly told Vitti that any uniform routine couldn’t be implemented until a 2016-17 educational year during a earliest. Why? Because, house members said, a district would need during slightest that prolonged to plead a intensity propagandize uniform routine with relatives and a village — and to rise altogether “buy-in” for a idea.

Instead, School Board members educated Vitti to ask a state if a uniform income incentives will be accessible one year from now.

That’s a cryptic premise, given Gov. Rick Scott’s inclination to halt dollars and condense supports for inestimable programs all opposite Florida.

So if a state has income to offer now, a district should take it.

Seize a moment.

Don’t flog a can down a road.


School Board members do have a point: It’s vicious to get copiousness of primogenitor and village feedback on a thought of requiring Duval facile and center propagandize students to wear uniforms.

And it’s vicious that any district preference to adopt a tyro uniform routine is one that’s reached in an open, pure and thorough way.

But recently, in a march of only one singular week, a republic of Greece:

■ Announced it would reason a inhabitant referendum on a vital emanate per a country’s mercantile future.

■ Set adult list boxes and voting sites all over a country.

■ Conducted a referendum election, that drew some-more than 6 million Greek voters.

Yes, that’s right: Six million people opposite a European republic indispensable only one week to discuss, discuss and eventually confirm on a polarizing emanate that will figure their republic for decades.

Just one week.

Meanwhile, there are several weeks before Duval’s 2015-16 educational tenure begins. And there’s even some-more time remaining before a state deadline arrives to request for a propagandize uniform cash.

Between now and then, it certainly shouldn’t be that tough for Duval School Board members to:

■ Hold forums all over a district to collect constructive and endless feedback from a village on a propagandize uniform policy.

■ Get a decisive clarity of either it’s something a village favors.

■ Move, if there is transparent support, to adopt such a policy.

■ Continue, all by a process, to give relatives copiousness of notice that a new uniform routine would start this Jan and to let them know it was probable to opt out of a requirement for eremite reasons or a tyro disability.

■ Take advantage of some inexhaustible state funding.

■ Take a outrageous step toward improving a ubiquitous atmosphere during Duval’s facile and center schools by stealing an emanate that divides and discourages students.

Seriously, it shouldn’t be any harder than that to find out either there’s village “buy-in” for propagandize uniforms.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.


And it wouldn’t be if Duval School Board members had a will to seize a impulse rather than censor from it.

All over a community, there are Duval propagandize relatives dreading a annual end-of-summer protocol of spending outrageous amounts of income on smart propagandize habit for their facile and middle-school children.

And all over a community, there are Duval facile and center propagandize students dreading a awaiting of going behind to their schools this tumble and being teased by peers since they don’t have relatives with a means to buy costly, smart clothing.

We’re peaceful to gamble these relatives and students are some-more than prepared to have a contention on either there should be a requirement to wear propagandize uniforms.

And to have it now.

School Board members should stop looking for reasons to check that discussion.

They should start seizing a impulse and let a contention begin.

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