School uniforms a onslaught for one in 5 New Zealand families

January 17, 2017 - School Uniform

Darell Smith during Andersons in Whanganui, who supply propagandize uniforms. Photo /  Stuart Munro
Darell Smith during Andersons in Whanganui, who supply propagandize uniforms. Photo / Stuart Munro

A consult has found one in 5 New Zealand families (22 per cent) are sacrificing simple necessities such as food, electricity, wardrobe and personal hygiene products in sequence to support for their children’s dear back-to-school needs.

Across a country, 88 per cent of Kiwi relatives are confronting frustration, highlight and poignant financial strain.

The survey, by PureProfile and consecrated by Postie+, found propagandize uniforms were mostly during a heart of this strain.


Of a some-more than 500 relatives surveyed, 72 per cent pronounced they found propagandize uniforms too expensive, 53 per cent believed they were of bad quality, and 69 per cent of relatives wanted a choice to squeeze a reduction costly general uniform alternative.

The normal cost of a propagandize uniform is $265, though a consult found many relatives were usually prepared to compensate $131.

The investigate also suggested usually one in 5 schools authorised general alternatives to propagandize uniforms (18 per cent).

Dunedin Budget Advisory Service executive officer Andrew Henderson was astounded during a series of struggling families.

“Anecdotally, it could be that high in Otago, though it’s tough to gauge.

“It is positively a tough time of year for families.

“Basically, in a southern hemisphere, it’s a triple whammy during this time of year.

“You’ve got a cost of Christmas presents,” he said.

“Then you’ve got a cost of child caring over a Christmas holiday period, since mostly relatives have to take delinquent leave or arrange out choice arrangements for child caring so they can keep working.

“And afterwards there’s also a back-to-school costs.”

Henderson pronounced budgeting for back-to-school costs was intensely important, though unfortunately a time for budgeting for a 2017 propagandize year had now passed.

“Now is when we should be starting to devise for subsequent year.

“So as distant as budgeting goes, if we know what your children are doing subsequent year, find out what a costs are expected to be, and afterwards start creation arrangements now to compensate for that.”

Stationery is an combined cost for relatives with already stretched budgets. Photo / File
Stationery is an combined cost for relatives with already stretched budgets. Photo / File

He suggested creation tiny involuntary payments into a assets comment any week.

Some stationery retailers had back-to-school clubs, where business could put tiny amounts of income on to a label when creation purchases during a year, he said.

“You can use it to buy stationery when kids go behind to school. It’s identical to supermarkets that have Christmas bar cards.”

However, he pronounced there were some alternatives for those wanting appropriation now.

The JR McKenzie Trust supposing relatives on low incomes, with appropriation to buy propagandize uniforms for children starting middle or delegate propagandize for a initial time this year.

“If we are a Winz client, we would positively speak to them, as well.

“I’m certain they would help.

“There are also wardrobe outlets like Postie+ that have reduction costly alternatives to branded propagandize uniforms.

“And if relatives hit a propagandize itself, mostly they have a day before propagandize opens, when they sell used uniforms.

“I listened of someone who got their whole uniform for $90. That’s a unequivocally good saving.”

Henderson’s best recommendation was, don’t omit financial problems.

“If we consider we are going to be experiencing a tough time, a time to ask for assistance is as shortly as possible.

“Don’t leave it to a final minute, since mostly there’s not a lot that can be done.”

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