School uniform prices leave Oxfordshire relatives feeling brief …

September 3, 2016 - School Uniform

SCHOOL uniform prices are withdrawal relatives counting a pennies forward of a new educational year.

Families face shelling out hundreds of pounds to make certain their children have all a equipment compulsory by a regulations.

But county schools contend their uniforms benefaction good value for income compared to engineer garments that children might differently wish to wear.

It comes as investigate by building multitude Nationwide showed British relatives would spend an normal of £186.24 on uniform.

Rebecca Ridgard from Abingdon pronounced she shopped around as many as probable though still found prices were high.

The mum-of-four has one daughter during Larkmead School, one during John Mason School and a son and daughter during Thomas Reade Primary School.

She said: “I consider schools could be doing some-more to make it some-more affordable. There is a serf market.

“There is a lot of financial vigour on families during a impulse and we have to send your kids looking primitive on a initial day.

“The uniform and PE pack during John Mason came to about £80.

“I buy a white shirts and trousers from a supermarket chains. we do not see a clarity in spending a lot of income on those.”

Many schools need pupils to wear certain equipment with a propagandize badge, such as a blazer and tie, that contingency be bought from one supplier.

Other items, such as shirts and trousers, can be bought from any shop.

Safia Baker, whose son Usman is only about to start year 8 during Cheney School in Headington, said: “I do not consider we should have to go to certain shops to get a uniform.

“The cost of blazers is extortionate.

“The prices are too high, generally if we have some-more than one child during school.

“I consider it is a rip-off.

“I determine we have to have a uniform though it should be reasonable and cost-friendly.”

Many schools also need pupils to wear branded sports kit, that can operation from polo shirts to rugby tops, shorts and socks.

Most schools do not need pupils to wear uniform in sixth-form while The Cherwell School does not have a uniform and instead asks children to wear purify garments that are “suitable for a workplace.”

At Oxford Spires Academy many pupils wear a branded polo shirt, dress or trousers and sweater, with boys also compulsory to wear a tie. The propagandize also has a PE uniform.

Headteacher Sue Croft felt her school’s mandate were good value for parents.

She said: “If we are tiny a sum cost is £68.50 and if we are incomparable it is £78.

“It is unequivocally good value since if we are a primogenitor of a teenager, what we would get instead is a bit of a conform show.

“They have to have engineer clothing.”

Mrs Croft pronounced a propagandize in East Oxford always attempted to assistance families who struggled with uniform costs.

She said: “We will assistance out with uniform if necessary.

“We make certain whatever a child’s resources they are means to wear a uniform with pride.”


Toni, Larkmead School

Jumper: £15

Shirt: Five for 10

Trousers: £8

Tie: £9

Lucy, John Mason School

Jumper: £16

Tie: £6

Shirt: Five for £8

Trousers: £6

Michael and Jessica, Thomas Reade Primary School

Jumper: £8

Polo shirt: Five for £8

Trousers/shorts: £8

All boots were £15 a pair.

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