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July 8, 2015 - School Uniform


The Brunswick County School Board voted Tuesday night to devaluate a uniform policy.

Prior to a vote, students during Belville Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Town Creek Elementary, and Leland Middle School compulsory uniforms.

District leaders asked relatives of all Brunswick County facile and center propagandize students and propagandize staff to take an online survey recently. Almost 500 teachers and staff and 1,900 relatives finished a survey. 

The formula of a consult showed 58 percent of relatives in Brunswick County did not wish uniforms for their children.

The Board’s Policy Committee endorsed a uniform process be revoked.

Brunswick County propagandize officials contend all students contingency belong to a county dress formula policy. A examination of a dress formula process will be conducted after this month during Board cabinet meetings.

To check out a formula of a propagandize uniform survey, greatfully visit:

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