School Uniform Material Distribution Racket Exposed

January 2, 2017 - School Uniform

by Ashanthi Warunasuriya

  • Principals of 7 schools in a nation have recently been suspended
  • It is adult to a relatives to confirm where they should buy a uniforms
  • Supplier had paid Rs.35 to a principals for any metre sold

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam
handing over a uniform document to a student

A pole involving a placement of propagandize uniforms has been underneath contention for a past few months. It has once again come underneath a limelight with allegations being lifted opposite a proposal procession for provision a uniform material.  At benefaction propagandize uniforms are being distributed underneath a document scheme. It was a pierce that was introduced by a new government. However, Principals of 7 schools in a nation have recently been dangling on allegations of irregularities that had occurred while purchasing these uniform materials from Salu Sala.

When queried per a government’s response to a allegations on a placement of propagandize uniforms, Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam pronounced that a Secretary to a Ministry of Education has sensitive all a Principals of schools in a nation in essay to stop all exchange with Salu Sala. He pronounced a Education Ministry had not released any capitulation for purchasing element from Salu Sala.

Secretary to a Ministry of Industry and Commerce T.B. Tennakoon has requested a Education Ministry to yield them an event to discharge 5.8 Million meters of propagandize uniform element in their possession among schools in a country.

The management of Salu Sala had also finished a ask on a matter, confirming a Ministry Secretary’s request. But Minister Kariyawasam insisted that his Ministry can't assent a placement of propagandize uniforms but following a document scheme. Pointing out that a document should really be given to a propagandize children, a Minister pronounced that it is adult to a relatives to confirm where they should buy a uniforms.

From May to Sep 2016, a Ministry of Industry and Commerce in partnership with a Salu Sala had finished several requests to a Education Ministry to yield them an event to supply uniform element even underneath a document scheme. Considering that Salu Sala is a state establishment a Ministry had authorised it to discharge element in schools underneath a document system.

Accordingly a Educations Ministry has released a minute to Principals to surprise relatives that uniform element could be purchased from Salu Sala to boost a foe among vendors so that a students in farming and misery ridden areas would be means to squeeze uniform materials during an affordable price.

However, in several instances, a organization of crew claiming to be representing Salu Sala had been means to discharge uniforms in a monopolistic demeanour with a assistance of some propagandize principals by collecting a vouchers from students.

Although primarily Salu Sala was to discharge uniform materials usually in farming areas, in this box there have been some instances where they had carried out a placement even in schools in Colombo. According to Education Ministry officials, propagandize Principals do not have a management to meddle in a uniform placement procession by violating Ministry circulars. Accordingly, disciplinary movement has been taken opposite a propagandize Principals who had finished so.

Reports prove that this sole retailer had paid Rs.35 to a principals for any metre sold. Therefore principals of several obvious schools in a nation including Kandy and Colombo have been suspended. Since these vouchers are supports that are allocated for children, a principals do not have a management to send these supports to other parties but a agree of a parents. It is also reported that to secure a favour, this sole retailer has given several gifts to these principals including laptops.

It has now turn transparent that a placement of propagandize uniforms has incited into a dirty racket. It has also compelled 17 employees of Salu Sala to go on intentional retirement. Since Salu Sala is a state institution, a Education Ministry had supposing an event for it to support to a needs of propagandize children vital in farming areas. But these racketeers have even dissipated this capitulation to remonstrate propagandize principals that they had perceived a capitulation from a Education Ministry to discharge a material.

Attempts finished to hit a management of Salu Sala and a Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Commerce to obtain a criticism over a allegations were unsuccessful. However, expressing his views on a matter, a Education Minister pronounced that a investigations are now being carried out to brand a culprits. Sources have suggested that a authorities are looking for brokers who had solicited these bootleg deals in schools.

Meanwhile a management of Salu Sala has recently told a media that he had sensitive a Education Ministry about a accessibility of 400,000 metres and not 5.8 million metres of uniform material. However, a Educations Ministry authorities explain that they are in possession of a minute sent by a Salu Sala management saying a accessibility of 5.8 million metres. Reports serve explain that a Secretary to a Ministry of Industries and Commerce has also requested a Treasury Secretary to mislay a Salu Sala Chairman from his post due to some problems that had arisen among a proposal holders in provision uniform element for farming schools. Although a initial preference was to concede Salu Sala to yield service to children in farming areas to squeeze uniforms during an affordable price, due to a financial incompetence of Salu Sala a Ministry has systematic it to emanate a uniforms around an Indian weave association named “Vachesvi”.

Accordingly a Industry and Commerce Ministry Secretary has sought a assistance of a private income lender in Mirihana named Sarath Pathirana to act as an surrogate to supply a element from a Indian association to Salu Sala. The association has subsequently paid a elect of 3.5% to Salu Sala for a deal. However Sarath Pathirana has intent in tainted play by arising his possess element batch to Salu Sala. Therefore a Education Minister, on information of a Indian association has systematic a Ministry to postpone a deal.

In a minute addressed to a President, a Secretary to a Education Ministry has finished a ask to make a law opposite Lanka Salu Sala and a officials, and outmost parties who are intent in a propagandize uniform element racket, misusing a minute released by a secretary.

In this letter, he claims that their actions have sullied a banking programme that was successfully introduced for giveaway propagandize uniforms final year. If a minute released by him is being misused, afterwards a Education Secretary contingency board a censure with a police.

If a broader review is required, afterwards a Education Secretary faces no obstacles in seeking a assistance of a Criminal Investigations Department. It is probable that a Secretary has opted out of these dual options, since he is good wakeful of a essence of his letter, and since he is wakeful that it can't be proven that his minute has been misused.

The minute released by a Secretary on a other hand, can be deliberate as an instance of injustice of power. Being entirely wakeful that Lanka Salu Sala is an dead organisation, by this letter, a Secretary requests a heads of schools, and zonal and provincial preparation directors, to support an bid to squeeze uniform element supposing by Lanka Salu Sala, regulating a coupons supposing to propagandize students.

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