School uniform legislation on the approach to Fla. governor

January 18, 2016 - School Uniform


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Capitol News Service) – Legislation providing fourteen million dollars to propagandize districts that willingly adopt a propagandize uniform process is on it’s approach to a Governor. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, some are doubt a miss of controls on how a income will be used.

This year, 8 propagandize districts took advantage of a initial ever propagandize uniform policy. It gives   10 dollars to a district for any tyro enrolled. The cost was 4 million. This year, lawmakers are upping a ante to 14 million.

“We wish to use it as an option, not a mandate” pronounced Sen. Don Gaetz.

And for a initial time, licence schools can get a money, that caused Sen. Jeff Clemons of Palm beach some concern.

“We have a lot of educational needs in a state of Florida. 14 million dollar could be used for something, in my estimation, some-more critical than propagandize uniforms” pronounced Clemons.

Once it was transparent a legislation was passing, some questioned because schools aren’t compulsory to spend a income on uniforms…they can spend it on anything they want.

Sen. Chris Smith (D-Broward County) wondered why.  “I’d hatred to see a propagandize district reside a football margin when we’re giving them 10 dollars towards uniforms or something.”

The miss of controls was also a regard for Senate Democratic Leader Arthenia Joyner.

“This gives income to propagandize districts though any instructions. and relatives don’t have a right to a funds” says Joyner.

A uniform will cost relatives about thirty dollars. Most families, we’re told, spend between dual and 3 hundred dollars a year.

That’s a lot some-more than a 10 dollars schools are removing for any student.

Willie Schumacher, who co owns G. Willie’s Uniforms says prices vary. “Pants for the  boys run around sixteen dollars” she told us.

Last years income was a one time appropriation. But now that lawmakers have done a module permanent, some-more districts are expected to adopt uniforms. If usually to get some-more money.

Questions were also lifted about eremite preferences and uniforms, though sponsors pronounced a states largest district, Miami-Dade, adopted uniforms final year and has has no problems.

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