School uniform giveaway during Columbus business

August 3, 2016 - School Uniform

Clothing Connection

COLUMBUS, Ga- Monday is a large day for Muscogee County students, and a internal business owners is profitable out of his possess slot to offer giveaway uniforms to kids in need.

Thanks to The Clothes Connection and volunteers there, some Valley Area kids will start a year off with code new uniforms they couldn’t differently afford. Owner William Rockemore says he understands what it’s like to start a propagandize year off wanting new clothes.  He wants to assistance kids in a same conditions have a uninformed start come Monday morning.

“This expostulate is not for a have’s, it’s for a have-not’s, so that a kids from a have-not’s can go to propagandize looking good. And they don’t have to go with a hole in their pants as we did a child,” says William Rockemore, owners of The Clothes Connection.

Rockemore says he purchased between 8 to 10 dozen uniforms to give away. He and his mother paid for them out of their increase from a store. In a past, he has given uniforms directly to schools to discharge to students, though this year motionless to entice families in need to collect adult a uniforms during his store.

The Clothes Connection will be giving divided some-more uniforms this Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm. They do ask that kids be benefaction with relatives when a uniforms are picked up.

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